Woods/Gutzman to Defend Ron Paul on Mike Church

Kevin Gutzman and I will be on the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot 125 tomorrow at 8:30am ET to discuss Jeffrey Lord’s anti-Ron Paul article in the American Spectator.  It’s going to be ugly and fun at the same time, folks.

If you don’t subscribe to Sirius/XM, you can listen in by signing up for a free Internet-only trial.  Once signed up, just head over to channel 125.  Also, the whole show (6-9am ET) runs in rebroadcast for the next nine hours on the Internet-only Sirius/XM Patriot Plus channel.

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  • Anonymous

    The American Spectator is still around?!?!?!  I know the main focus the last time I looked at an issue back in the 90s was on Clinton’s various scandals, but what do they talk about these days?  Are they full neo-cons like national review?  The only good thing about national review in the 90s or early 00s or american spectator magazines were the Florence King columns and book reviews.  She also was the only one from National Review to publicly speak positively about Rothbard, unlike that Trotsky clown WFB. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U2TWM74HZ46GWRIGDDAZE2H3N4 George Washington

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!

    A change for America’s Interests NOT special interests!

  • Dave

    Just replace “anti-semitic” with “racist” and it could have been written by just about anyone on the left, complete with claims of “code words” that secretly mean something other than what everyone who uses means when they use them. How can anyone take Jeffrey Lord seriously with claims like that? Anyone and everyone who read that article should have gotten to that point and said “okay, this guy is an idiot.”

  • guest

     Another atrocious article. There are not many things that the national review and air America, the american spectator and think progress, would agree on. The unapologetic contempt for Dr. Paul (his views, in particular) seems to be the only one, at the moment.  

    I’m sure that Woods/Gutzman duo will, more than adequately, defend RP against this…. For lack of better words, juvenile hit job, by a smearing hack.  

    That being said, I came across another amazing article. It is so logically challenged, I honestly thought it was some kind of joke.  



    Best regards to Tom and all the freedom lovers,

    Alex from Skopje, Macedonia.


  • Jason

    I found it on channel 852.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, never heard of this Jeffrey Lord character, but he sounds a great deal like Buckley.  I guess anti-Semitism has been NewSpeak’d to mean anyone who doesn’t give two nickels, or shekels,  about how special the Jewish people think they are.  I recognize ONE Race, the Human Race.  I’m not and Anti-Semite, I’m a Pro-Human.

    This guy is speaking to people with the same level of intelligence that Obama speaks to, save his captive audience are Republican Slaves rather than Democratic ones.  Lord is definitely learned in the application of NewSpeak and turns NeoCons & NeoLibs into a mish-mash that easily captures the imaginations of his intended audience, but it easily recognized by those of us with a Vocabulary and a regular use of Etymology.  http://seculartea.patriotactionnetwork.com/?p=16

    What Paul and We Advocates support is the Re-education of Classic Liberalism.  Which is very close to Jefferson’s understanding of Natural Law and Limited Gov’t.  I don’t think for second Lord is as stupid as his article would suggest he is.  He is simply writing for the easily confused.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck. That was painful to read. Looking forward to you guys taking it apart tomorrow.

  • Miron

    So, you cannot listen this show unless you give them your credit card number and agree to be charged AUTOMATICALLY after the 30 day “free” trial expires.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    Not sure why the word free is in quotation marks.  Just cancel before the 30 days is up.

  • http://www.TeethForTheTeaParty.com dmzuniga

    It’s disturbing to realize how many well-meaning Americans can’t consider or discuss the lawful limits of government, because they lack any inkling of the U.S. Constitution, the supreme Law of the Land. Even the *categories* are wrong; and I doubt that Russell Kirk helped this unfortunate situation at all, just as William F. Buckley certainly did not.  The operative word for what we stand for i.e., what Ron Paul promulgates daily) is CONSTITUTIONALISM, not ‘conservatism’.  I think we should let them have the phrase; it’s too ambiguous now, with so many false ‘allies’ using it.

    Take war-making, for instance; it isn’t only tactically-shrewd Neocons using it.  To millions of well-meaning mothers and fathers, almost any rational talk of the ‘American-ness’ of foreign intervention is futile.  How does one penetrate such a skull to prove that according to the founders and our former national ethos, you simply cannot allow 20-year-old Johnny, Jamal, or Juanito dressed in U.S. government-issue technowarrior garb, to be putting his boot on the neck of 56-year-old Hassan, in Hassan’s own living room on the far side of the world?  The Supreme Law only authorizes funding for military action for two years at a time, at most; moreover, other than DEFENSIVE naval barricade or counterattack on our own coastlines the Founding Fathers had NO national military in mind, ever.  National defense was always, at that time in American context, referring to the mustered Militias of the Several States, defending their respective State security.

    Even granting the untenability of reinstating the Militias of the Several States in today’s urbanized populations filled with barbarian lunatics: it’s also true that, like Mexican narcoterrorists with AK-47s, the Constitution is bullshit to Neocons and to members of Congress who are owned and controlled by what President Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex.

    You can’t fight them because now that Complex is paying Johnny, Jamal, and Juanito a regular check; that Complex is keeping the kid off the street, away from the friends with whom he was doing drugs, gang-banging, or knocking up the neighbors’ daughter.  Johnny, Jamal, and Juanito now have not only free college (those few that seek it), but the best-paying gig they’ll get, for life if they want it — and then a pension plan to boot!  

    Highfalutin’ ideals and constitutional questions aside, THAT is what constitutionalists face today in the war machine; it isn’t only the hundreds of billions in “jobs” (military contracts keeping thousands of multi-billionaires’ estates healthy); it’s that free ‘babysitting’ for millions of American parents.  That is a major aspect, and totally unreported.  The Complex offers legitimacy, honor, education, a regular paycheck, and ‘babysitting’ service for all those families.  But you can’t admit that in public, so you call the constitutionalist a ‘commie liberal’, and call yourself an American patriot.

    Or the counterfeit money scam.  You can’t say what Ron Paul’s been saying for decades — that the Federal Reserve is simply a great branding label for the world’s longest-running banking crime cartel; people just won’t believe it.  People don’t read the Constitution, so they don’t see the black-letter truth: Article I Sections 8 and 10 of the Supreme Law stipulates that Congress can only COIN money, and that gold and silver COIN is the only lawful tender in payment of debts in any of the States.  An 8-year-old can get that.  If they doubt it, adults can Google George Bancroft’s classic, “A Plea for the Constitution of the United States, Wounded in the House of its Guardians”, to see countless quotations of the founders about counterfeit scrip (paper ‘money’).  

    This stuff is classic constitutionalism; let the Neocons take the hackneyed ‘conservative’ moniker, as long as you open up the real issues of life and death, war and peace, theft and liberty and corruption.  No president can stop what has crushed us; that’s why I think the whole Ron-Paul-as-Messiah thing is bound to continued heartache.  He won’t win (really, he won’t) because that great statesman does not even (in his heart) *want* to be a president.  But much more than that: electoral politics are not the way to take our sovereign powers back.  The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine(TM) is just one way in which We The People can directly arrest crimes against the Constitution by arresting members of Congress severally, in state criminal courts under State criminal statutes, for those same transgressions just happening to also fall under the state law.  Divide and conquer; take back what was stolen from us (People and States) in the War to Enslave the States.  The Indictment Engine(TM) would be a perpetual mechanism, the People’s direct action against clear and present dangers to the rule of law in our republic.

    Not conservatism, but constitutionalism. 

  • http://www.TeethForTheTeaParty.com dmmzuniga

    Incidentally, you and Kevin Gutzman did superbly on Mike’s show, as you always do.