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    About Tom Woods

    Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the New York Times
    bestselling author of 12 books, including The
    Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
    Meltdown (on the financial crisis). Woods, who holds
    a bachelor's degree in history from Harvard and his
    Ph.D. from Columbia University, has appeared on
    MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business, C-SPAN,
    Bloomberg Television, and hundreds of radio

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    • Tom Woods is the smartest guy in the room.

      Judge Andrew Napolitano

      Judge Andrew Napolitano

      Senior Judicial Analyst, FOX News Channel

    • Tom Woods is one of the libertarian movement’s brightest and most prolific scholars. I strongly recommend his work.

      Ron Paul

      Ron Paul

      12-term U.S. congressman

    • Tom Woods is one of my dearest allies in the struggle against wrong-headed and dangerous economic policy.

      Peter Schiff

      Peter Schiff

      New York Times bestselling author of Crash Proof
      CEO, Euro Pacific Capital

    • During these times that challenge our freedoms there is no one more qualified to make U.S. history relevant to the fight against big government than Thomas Woods.

      Barry Goldwater Jr.

      Barry Goldwater Jr.

      former Member of Congress

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