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There Are No Social Security “Cuts”

20th December 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Just slight cuts in the rate of growth in Social Security spending. And even those amount to about $2 per month for most recipients.

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  • Anonymous

    Gawd I hate AARP!! And I’m 65! What a bunch of selfish whining commies! Tell ya what. I’d GLADLY give up ALL my SS if I could work and invest TAX FREE for the rest of my life.

  • Lucas

    I am spending more than last year but I am making a cut. If inflation is high enough than that might be true. Who is lying, the fed or the gubment? Both! Interest rates mean something!

  • Linda

    Libertarianism is an ideal we believe in and are fighting for, not a reality that we live with daily. Therefore, it is important to understand that someone who has been devastated by this oppressive system, who gets a snail mail letter saying that 1/6 of their SSI will go to pay for extremely limited “medicare” (no vision or dental, lots of testing and inoculations) may feel daunted. In my case, I said “no” to part B, so I now have hospitalization only (which I can’t opt out of because it is automatic). Calling people names does not help people understand how to live with, and move towards a Libertarian lifestyle while being choked to death by a socialist one. If we want to populate our movement with the people who do not have the logical ability to reason through all of this while they are being choked to death, then we have to help them understand, learn and strategize solutions that are better than the passive ones they have grown addicted to. Just a thought. ;-) Linda

  • Jimi

    Unfortunately, whenever a politician proposes any kind of SS reform, the liberal politicians are the first to use the most dishonest scare tactics preventing any kind of change for the better. Look at what happened to Reagan and Bush 43 when they proposed only the slightest bit of change.

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