The Return of the Zombie

As part of a joint event we’re doing in New York City on June 8 (details to come), Bob Murphy and I are planning to do The Return of the Zombie. (If the zombie reference is eluding you, check out I am soliciting ideas: where do you guys think we should go with this?

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  • Will

    I remember the first one was really good, and funny. So, I would just say go with your instincts. I’m sure it will be pretty good.

  • E Mazur

    Tom could play the role of someone saying it’s good that the sequester happened, more cuts need to happen, and the income tax should be abolished. Zombie’s reply every time: “Draconian”.

    Tom: “Well it’s good that the sequester happened b/c it gives me just a glimmer of hope that Congress might, just might decide that it’s time to get the government’s fiscal house in order”

    Zombie: “Draconian”

    Tom: “Well actually, there were no Draconian cuts or any cuts at all as a result of the sequester. The media never told you [insert actual fiscal numbers here]. So federal spending next fiscal year will still be higher than it was the past fiscal year. How is it that liberals are claiming government can’t afford to operate on such a small budget when it already operated for more than 230 years on budgets smaller than what they’re actually getting for the the current and coming fiscal year?”

    Zombie: “Draconian!”

    Tom: “Even though no cuts have taken place so far as a result of the sequester, we actually do need to make some serious cuts and make them now. According to the Congressional Budget Office, and they’re being optimistic here, by 2025 all federal revenue will be consumed by a combination of entitlement spending and interest on the national debt (see PDF pg 14 chart: ). And the figures get a lot worse after that! Think of all the baby boomers that will be retiring. What I’m actually doing is calling for a rollback of the Draconian INCREASES in spending we’ve had for decades”

    Zombie: “Draconian! Draconian!”

    Tom: “That’s right, current levels of spending are Draconian and we need to roll them back right away. For a starters, maybe we could go back to the levels of spending during the Clinton years. In fact, we could entirely eliminate the income tax and there would still be enough government revenue to pay for all its expenses at those levels. I’ve always opposed the income tax, which was proposed by Karl Marx as the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. It was first imposed on Americans during the Civil War and basically means we are all partially enslaved by the government. A man who is 100% taxed, is 100% slave. A man who is 39.6% taxed, is 39.6% slave. Though I suppose to be accurate, he is an average- of-the-tax-rate-indexes enslaved”.

    Zombie: “Slavery! Neo Confederate! Draconian!”

    Tom: “You know you’re got a point! The government is like a bunch of Neo Confederates who want to enslave us with a Draconian income tax. I think you’ve learned a lot since our last encounter. I’m really glad you a had a chance to pick my brain”

    Zombie: “Brains! Brains!”

    Tom: [uneasily looks around and tries to flee the scene]

  • Matt Malesky

    The two most common Zombies I encounter every day are the Greenbackers (Multiple varieties) and what I refer to as Land Commies (Georgists_Single LVTers) Someone needs to take up were Rothbard left off and more fully articulate his criticism of George. It’s obviously devastating to some of us but the Georgists are almost impervious to reason. Perhaps a little Zombie humor will be effective. And the Greenbackers are everywhere. You’ve really done a good job and I’ve used your articles to help make the arguments as well as the excellent work of Dr. Gary North who’s been doing it for some time now but perhaps, again, humor might just be appropriate here.

  • dave

    I think you have the answer in the post about the Krugman-Murphy debate. “Stimulous” “Gov’t spending”

  • Anonymous

    Been waiting a long time for this. Please keep the blooper reel too.

  • Tom Bernhardt

    First, do a “Debate with a Zombie.” Have it moderated by a liberal woman in the motif of Bride of Frankenstein (upright hair, etc.). Alternatively, the moderator could be Count Dracula. Either way, the moderator shows strong sympathies/bias toward Zombie.

    Topics could include war (e.g., interventions against Iran, Syria, N Korea), bailouts, government budget cuts, regulation (especially financial), drug war, etc.

    Depending upon the amount of time/people/costume investment you’re willing to make, you could amp this up to a panel discussion where you are with notables such as Werewolf, Zombie, Dracula, and Frankenstein, who all represent different flavors of establishment views, but can’t help attacking each other over the negligible differences.

  • Gamble

    Fed Reserve is private “Zombie.”

    There is no inflation “Zombie.”

    Washington Monument Gambit and core services “Zombie.”
    I love Ron Paul yet I also advocate more socialism “Zombie.”
    I advocate higher tax rates and more government revenue yet I evade and avoid taxes whenever possible “Zombie.”

  • Richard Penney

    Here are some ideas based on zombie responses I have seen from the media…

    – “Draconian” spending cuts

    – Taxes might not be good for an economy

    – The Federal Reserve Bank isn’t always right

    – Gun control

    – 3rd parties

    – That candidate doesn’t have a chance

    – Surely we need regulation to fix [insert anything]

    – NYC style food and behavior controls

    – Debunk common economic myths of Keynesians

    – Try to explain the harmful effects of 0% interest rates & inflationary monetary policy

    – Explain that fat is not the devil and grains are not health food

    There are few ideas. There is so much you could do with this, Tom. However, just how often Robert Murphy wants to paint his face is another question.

    Maybe you could knock off a few issues in one afternoon of filming.

  • John

    I like this. I think it would be a good idea to keep it short and film it ahead of time and show it on video, that way it can be perfect and nobody messes up (like in the outtakes of the original zombie video.)

  • JTPQuinn

    I agree that a greenbacker zombie would be great. Zombie could have all the fake Franklin, Kennedy, Wilson, Rothschild quotes, but that’s more inside baseball. perhaps in order of political relevance.

    1. Gun Rights, Zombie says: “Cold hearted/think of the children” [This has the most potential for physical humor. Nothing too offensive. Just Bob trying to eat Tom’s brain again, then he pulls a shotgun from behind his chair briefly, then Bob sits back down. No dialogue, just physical reaction and facial expression}

    2. Civil Rights: “Racism!” [Running shotgun joke?]

    3: Great society/welfare “U Paid off by big business”

  • Phil Kearny

    A foreign policy theme could feature the zombie reciting oft-heard phrases such as “un-American” and “you don’t support our troops.”

  • Mike

    Don’t forget about “Blame America first”. Some of these sound bite slogans are so brainless it makes me wonder how they can say these things without feeling insulted.

  • Darien

    The original Zombie was about nullification, so perhaps Zombie part 2 could be about secession. CIVIL WAR SETTLED IT and that.

  • Michael Mills

    Thank You Walking Dead!

  • Anon

    I want to see the zombie melodramatically stand up and say “daaaaaaangerous! Southern Poverty Law Center say daaaaaaangerous!”

  • devo

    OH MY GOODNESS YES THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!! do a zombie’s take on the fed, or keynsian style spending. or GUN CONTROL!! or just government intervention in general, or all fiat currency! damn so much you could do with this! im pumped!