Talking to the Primal Blueprint’s Mark Sisson Tomorrow

The storm has interfered with Peter Schiff’s broadcasting facilities, so I’ll be filling in as host tomorrow on the Peter Schiff Show. In addition to taking your calls, I’ll be talking to Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint. If you don’t know who he is, check out the last time I spoke to him. I am still getting comments about that interview.

Join us at 10am ET tomorrow (Wednesday) at, where you can listen live for free (no subscription necessary).

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  • John Moore

    I followed your lead and went Primal near the beginning of the year and have lost 25 pounds and I’m eating better than I ever have. Thanks for introducing me to Mark’s system.

  • Anonymous

    You should look into giving Robb Wolf a little airtime next time you need a primal/paleo guest.

  • Joseph

    I wouldn’t call the inevitable group of Sandy-stimulus economists a “herd”. Perhaps a clip? A clip of economists as in a clip of bullets.

  • Danny

    I am the 5% that prefer the diet in the China Study over the Primal Diet. Simply read the reviews on amazon for that book. People rave about the diet and results. Plus it’s super cheap to go vegan. Think of eating brown rice vs. eating any type of meat, it’s much cheaper.

  • tea-partier

    Try to get Ray Peat to get another view! Paleo will screw your thyroid function and then your entire body!

  • Mike G.

    is this interview going to be posted on youtube like the last one? I was unable to listen to it live.