Steve Deace Endorses Newt

Despite my best efforts, Iowa radio host Steve Deace endorses Romney clone Newt Gingrich for president. Among other things, Deace thereby gives a thumbs-up to the immoral bipartisan foreign-policy consensus that only Ron Paul challenges. He endorses Newt for allegedly being serious about the debt (despite not having proposed a budget or any specific cuts — er, haven’t we been down this road a zillion times before?) and, yes, protecting marriage.

Gingrich’s consistent siding with the establishment against the people — as in his support for TARP, etc. — is excusable, says Deace, because Newt has come on his show and been “transparent” about it.

After four years of a Gingrich presidency (which won’t happen, but this is just a thought experiment), Steve will wonder what went wrong, why Gingrich betrayed him on everything, etc.

A Gingrich clone will then run for president, and Steve will endorse him. After all, that candidate will sign Steve’s pledge, play him and other evangelicals like a fiddle as they always do, etc.

Four years later, Steve will be shocked again. And so on.

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  • jasonxe

    hahahahahahahahahaha Newt? Really?!

  • Ricknesti

    Steve D lacks the moral conviction which is the standard in the contemporary American church. Absolutely shameful.

  • Peschkenmedia

    Since Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism in 2009, he is a ‘changed person’. I am a convert myself and can report that recriving the eucharist regularly , chanfews you from inside out. Authentic Catholics do not oppose Gingrich, in light of what is at stake.  

  • Peschkenmedia

    typo: ‘Changes’ you from inside out!

  • Philip Inuhoff

    And relies on the CHURCH to SUPPORT them!!!

  • Philip Inuhoff

    sorry bud, but I had to tweet that!! gave full credit to Frank M!!!!!!!

  • Kenny C

    Excellent burn!

  • Jason

    Newt strikes me as a nasty, bitter man. Don’t see how anyone would want to ride on his bandwagon…

  • Jason

    Newt strikes me as a nasty, bitter man. Don’t see how anyone would want to ride on his bandwagon…

  • William Faust

     Oh stop, there are a lot of Catholic Marxists just like Gingrich.

  • William Faust

     Oh stop, there are a lot of Catholic Marxists just like Gingrich.

  • William Faust

    That was outstanding.

  • James2039

    Disagree. Landing edge gets you a constitutional conservative, heads big government Newt, tails big government Romney.

  • Anonymous


  • Tom Woods

    Uh huh. He’s suddenly not a run-of-the-mill establishment guy with a Mr. Fixit philosophy of government? How could an “authentic” Catholic not see through a phony like him?

    And presumably I get a few authenticity points for having written five books about the Church and hosted a TV series for EWTN.

  • Gamer Andy (Adam)

    Oh Snap.
    You’re my favorite historian, Tom Woods.  

  • carlc55

    Catholic Marxists – isn’t that an oxymoron? 

  • Bob Farkas

    Thank you ;)

  • Joseph

    The three serious choices Deace had (given his announced endorsement) was to 1)Pick Newt, 2)Side with Ron Paul, or 3)Endorse a “2nd Tier” candidate out of frustration but leave it up to his listeners to vote their own conscience. The first two choices bodes well for Ron Paul because it affirms that Deace (whatever his particular rationale for Newt) is concerned only with the top tier (Paul, Newt, Romney.) That many evangelical Christians have dismissed Newt outright in favor of more trustworthy candidates in Paul or the 2nd Tier is now a boon to the Paul campaign because a Deace-Newt endorsement highlights top-tier electability as the most important criteria and Paul has proven that he has the organization, money, and full-spectrum honesty-appeal that sets him apart at the top. For Deace listeners who have seen through Newt’s new family values platform and understand the importance Deace places on electability, the only viable choice left is Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, unbelievable, never really knew Steve since I am not from Iowa, BUT I DO NOW!  SELLOUT!   Thought I had heard he was a sincere Christian radio host, now I know he may be a radio host.

  • bob denver

    Deace’s “family values” are world empire and bombing of innocents.  Anything for the continuation of the military-industrial sheeple herders.  Humble foreign policy is now “isolationist” to the likes of Deace.  True conservatism is a “days of old” relic.  God help us when America’s supposed religious leaders now not only lead us into indefinite war, but squander the wise guidance of our Founding Fathers and the liberties of a once free Republic.  When the Deace website header says “Fear God. Tell the Truth. Make Money.” well you can darn near guarantee that a dark tyranny has overtaken this land–money changers delight.  Fight for truth…fight for God-given rights.  Fight for Americana and all that it truly represents….

  • neocontrotsky

    “I am getting back together with my boyfriend.  He has promised he has changed and won’t abuse me again!”

    Who sounds worse?  A battered wife or an evangelical GOP voter? 

  • neocontrotsky

    If his change affects his political decisions then, why did he still support the individual mandate and blast Paul Ryan for “right wing social engineering” this year?

    Could it be that that one can repent for past sins and still make bad political decisions/judgements?

  • neocontrotsky

    Yeah, Newt is definitely the first person I would pick to fix the nation morally — as if any President could do that by themselves, anyway. 

  • MCarroll

    Deace is on the other side. Jesus told us we would know them by their fruits, and his fruit is rotten. And sorry to disagree with you, Tom, but Steve would not be shocked by four years of a Gingrich presidency. He would just pretend to be, and then tell us we should re-elect him for another four years because he had repented and asked for God’s forgiveness (and maybe even shed some fake tears.) Deace is as much a fraud as Gingrich is.

  • Arash Kashanian

    Tom, I don’t think you should stoop to predicting the outcome of an election by saying a Gingrich presidency won’t happen.  That’s the kind of treatment Ron Paul is continuously given by the establishment and we are no better than them if we perpetuate this sort of commentary.

  • jaffi411

    Good stuff, I like it.  However, now I cannot get the image of Bernanke engaging in steamy, hot gay sex at the Fed out of my head.   

  • Tom Woods

    Since when did predicting an outcome become “stooping”? Gingrich has little money, for one thing. But in any case there is nothing inherently wrong with saying someone is not going to win.

  • Anonymous

    That is disappointing. I even went to the trouble of emailing him the John Birch Society’s video about Newt Gingrich.

  • Alan Clifton

    It’s a shame that other than Ron Paul, everyone else’s campaign sounds the same.,”Jesus love me more, let’s bomb more countries and, American’s don’t mind losing freedom as long as their safe. I’ll cut the spending, trust me, I fill you in on the details later”. The credo of the “mainstream” candidates.

  • Lou Bjostad

    Like the joke “It’s easy to quit smoking — I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

  • Lou Bjostad

    You got it just right, James.  We already won.

  • Lou Bjostad

    Are there plans to make a SuperPAC video of the recent Ron Paul endorsement by Michael Scheuer, the former head of the Bin Laden unit for the
    CIA, who quit in disgust after the 9-11
    commission report was released?  I would donate.  See

  • Uri Brito

    My latest piece on the Steve Deace endorsement:

  • Scottinthenw

    Tom. Are you actually surprised by this? I’m not. This is so typical of evangelicals. I should know. I used to be one.

  • Thomas

    This is even worse – What is the title of his latest book?  Were his ears itching and Newt tickled them?

    You have a few days, maybe the witch that “turned him into a Newt” supporter (Monty python and the Holy Grail) didn’t have a strong spell and he can get better.

    How can you complain about being fooled yet pick anyone who is a know flip-flopper?  Other than compromise and treason to the culture of life, what is his record?  Or maybe you have to play his record backward to discover what he really means.

    Ron Paul has acted on principle and integrity 100%.  Deace sets the example by rejecting honor and integrity.  He doesn’t want truth, he wants nice.

    Give Us Barabbas! he has cried with the crowd.

    Make no mistake, Iowa is a test, a trial.

  • Derek F

    I listened to your radio interview with Deace where you made a principled, well thought out, liberty-backed case for Ron Paul.  Out of all the times I heard you I thought that was your best showing (not that your others were not very good because they were).  To see Deace, a so-called Christian conservative endorse Newt of all people is laughable at best.  Really!!!  Newt Gingrich!!!!  It’s almost unbelievable.

    I’m a minister, and have been so for the last 12 years.  In my opinion, any Christian, who’s serious about his or her relationship with God, cannot support for President a candidate that supports the Patriot Act, NDAA, and endless wars.  Those policies are the antithesis of the peace principles of the Christian religion.

    Ron Paul in 2012.  He’s the best hope for America.   

  • tiarosa

    Like Mr. Deace, I too feel that the nation needs to be “fixed morally,” but what does the President have to do with that directly?  His job is to be faithful to his oath to uphold the Constitution.  And if the answer is, well, he can set an example, what better example is there than Ron Paul?

    By the way, isn’t robbery immoral?  The Fed and the scum-sucking politicians have robbed this country blind.

  • Rebecca Rogers

    It’s way past time for Christians to start thinking for themselves, they have depended upon Christian radio to tell them what to think and how to vote for far too long… I am dismayed at the fear and hate mongering that goes on in so many of those radio talk shows, and have heard several of them simply parroting what FOX reported instead of doing their own research. Yesterday it was someone interviewing another ‘journalist’ who was decrying Ron Paul’s foreign policy, they ended up stating that the best way to deal with Iran was through sanctions as America had done with other countries so many times in the past…. really? And how well did that work out for anyone?

  • John Lofton

    By endorsing Gingrich, Deace has endorsed a man who not only does not have a Christian/Biblical philosophy of civil government but also is not even a “conservative” as this word today is popularly understood. Deace’s endorsement demonstrates with a vengeance the foolish things that can be done when a person (such as Deace) has no systematic theology, no true understanding of solid Biblical doctrine and no discernment re: the limits imposed on the Federal Government by the U.S. Constitution. I say Deace lacks all these things because if he had them he would NEVER, EVER have endorsed Newt Gingrich.

    John Lofton, Editor,
    Recovering Republican

  • Frank M

    “Like Mr. Deace, I too feel that the nation needs to be ‘fixed morally,’ but what does the President have to do with that directly?”

    Good point. It needs to be fixed from the bottom up, not from the top down. We always get the “leaders” we deserve.

  • Bob Farkas


    Well, I used some pretty graphic imagery in my examples to make the point how ridiculous Steve’s position is.

  • Anonymous

    Can we just be honest for a moment here? The guy endorses Newt? Let’s face it – Newt is a joke, and so is anyone who endorses him.

  • Arash Kashanian

    Hmm, perhaps I’m wrong.  But what about when the media keep drilling the point that Ron Paul is unelectable, or that there’s no way he’ll ever win the presidency?  This tactic is one of their most powerful propaganda tools.  Is that wrong?

    Is the difference the intention?  You’re expressing your opinion while the media outlets are trying to indoctrinate Americans and get a desired result?