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Senators Voting ‘Yes’ on Syria Resolution Got 83% More Money From Military Industry Than Those Voting ‘No’

5th September 2013      by: Tom Woods     

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  • Anonymous

    Democracy’s a fair and equitable system, leftists would say, we just need to educate the populace and get the corporate largesse out of politics (whilst advocating the welfare state and central planning)

  • Mike

    LOL, yeah. Amazing how they miss something so blatantly obvious isn’t it?

  • http://1atodds.blogspot.com/ At Odds

    Don’t mean to be a cynic, but it just seems that this resolution is a joke. Take where they used the “Whereas the UN resolution 1536(?)” (or something UN). They’re using the UN resolution as an excuse to go to war without the consent of the UN or the international community. On top of that, not only do they us UN’s resolution as an excuse, but they use it then ignore the UN’s findings on chemical weapons. Stupid.

    As for this whole constitutional thing of going to congress for a vote, that’s great and all, but for those people that say that’s constitutional, is the military that we have now constitutional or, better yet, representative of the people’s interests? All of this going to congress or being constitutional doesn’t mean anything until we kill our gods. Reading some of Breitbart’s stuff, I just get the sense that they get the Syrian situation right, but still keep the war machine. Taking one step back for now, but two steps forward later.

  • http://1atodds.blogspot.com/ At Odds

    “Moreover, once the Bradley and Abrams production lines were open, the odds of closing them down were between slim and none. Armored battlefield vehicles consist of an intensive mix of iron, precision machining, and complex electronic components and circuitry – which is to say, they are a “jobs program” par excellence.” – David Stockman, The Great Deformation (pg. 78)

    “Congressmen had no trouble seeing them as “jobs” programs…” – David Stockman, The Great Deformation (pg. 77)

    Warfare is welfare. Not all welfare is sitting on the couch and spending the government check on cable.

    “When all is said and done, the accidental and unnecessary 7 percent top line of January 1981 gave birth to a vast imperial expeditionary force and conventional war-fighting machine.” – David Stockman, The Great Deformation (pg. 78)

    In the end, welfare buys warfare.

  • http://1atodds.blogspot.com/ At Odds

    “If we examined ourselves rightly, our revolt against war amounted actually to a passionate protest against the intolerable domination of the State. This was the sinister, intangible authority, impervious to ethical standards,which had led us into war, and which now continued to cause us suffering by cowing us and lying to us at the same time. War was simply the State run riot, collectivity let loose. It was what happened when the few had too much power over others and were able to make them dance like puppets. Was it therefore not absurd to clothe this protest against the domination of man over man in the shape of a profession of collectivism? Be they ever so honest, what can all the professions of pacifism, antimilitarism, humanism, or demands for freedom on the part of Socialists avail against the fact that Socialism, if it is to have any meaning at all, must make a leviathan of the State, not only for the emergency times of war, but for an incalculable period?” Would that not mean increasing the abuse of political power both at home and abroad to an infinite degree? [.....] Or did the Socialists not really mean it seriously with their collectivism? In that case they ought to be told that they were playing with fire, in trying to swell their ranks with a propaganda that proclaimed aims which only the most radical were prepared to carry into effect, but which in principle were rejected by the more prudent”

    - Wilhelm Ropke, International Order and Economic Integration (chpt 1) (Emphasis mine.)

  • Anonymous

    Just finished Stockman’s book. Now starting my second read. Too much outrageousness to absorb at one reading.
    A definitive history.

  • cynthia curran

    This makes sense, did Dana Ronabacher he opposes the war. Dana use to be pro military built up, the Orange County area he represents depends less on the military since the defense aerospace is less than 20 years ago and also aerospace small companies in Dana’s area or near represent aerospace and defense of several different countries no just the US, so Ronabacher has less reason to support the war effort like 20 years ago.

  • Dave

    I wonder how much money the yes vs. no people got from AIPAC as well.

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