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  • Anonymous

    Too Late!!! My copy is yellow with age.

    Hey Tom, do you think you could get Regnery to lose the Confederate guy on the cover?

    Nothing says “Neo-Confederate” like a Confederate soldier on the cover of your book!

    What if we all wrote and bitched?

  • Frank M

    The book is a great item to give as a gift too.

  • Anonymous

    How about a discount on the kindle version?

  • Jimi

    Probably one of my top 3 most valuable books that I own.

  • Luke Sunderland

    Well, I could buy one, but since I have no concept of time preference, I’ll have to wait. After all, the price was higher two days ago, then yesterday it was a little lower and now today it’s lower still. I’d have to be crazy to waste my money when you Austrians have clearly caused a deflationary spiral!

    Okay, I’m done being sarcastic. Actually, I already have my copy. :-)