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Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum: A Sample

15th July 2013      by: Tom Woods     

Here’s the pitch I’ve made for my Western Civilization I course, coming this fall:

Here’s a sample from the course, a lesson on the famous conflict between Pope Boniface VIII and Philip the Fair of France that would be a major turning point in the history of Church and state in Western civilization.

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  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    Western Civ I will be available on September 2. Western Civ II, an 11th-grade course, will be available in mid-2014. The courses are purchased at ronpaulcurriculum.com. If you join ronpaulcurriculum.com (which gives you access to Q&A forums), you get all courses for half off — that is, for $50 each. Each course contains 180 video lessons: 36 weeks, five lessons per week.

    It is a lecture course, and reading and writing assignments are posted for each week. Testing material varies from course to course, but this course will focus on a weekly writing assignment. Students having difficulty can avail themselves of the Q&A forums. It’s a full-year course, so that’s what it would be equivalent to credit-wise.

    Eventually, I’ll be offering my courses in the curriculum a la carte, in case people just want one or more of my own courses. I’ll probably have my Western Civ I available to non-members of the Ron Paul Curriculum by the end of September.

  • Sam Accetta

    Any news on when the K-5 timetable will be released? Noticed the site doesn’t have it even though it has a date of Sept 2.

  • caleb

    i read Dante it was awesome im probably going to do this course

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