No Wonder Krugman Won’t Debate Murphy

Watch economist Robert Murphy take apart Paul Krugman. Oh, wait, you can also see him do it here. And here. And here he hits another Keynesian. In this piece, Murphy writes: “In this short commentary, Krugman has outdone himself. He manages to blend in a combination of (a) blatant, demonstrable falsehood, (b) misleading innuendo, (c) attacks on the motivations of those who disagree with him, and to top it off (d) a hypocritical implied criticism of the very policies he himself supported.” And here Murphy smacks down Krugman on the Fed and employment data.

And that’s just this week.

Now check out

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  • Anonymous

    After his comment about alien invasions helping the economy I often wonder if Krugman is just making things up as he goes along.

  • Bob Murphy

    It’s all or nothing for me. Last week I actually considered giving up my Krugmania. But then someone convinced me I had to use my superpowers to help others.

  • Chris Hadrick

    Does anyone have his new book? Buy it and throw it through a window it will help the economy. You’d need a pretty strong arm though it’s just a book.

  • Joel Poindexter

    I read an article in Time Magazine once, where Krugman told the interviewer that as a child, he liked reading scifi novels where the hero is a scientist who comes up with some magic formula to save the planet from aliens. Every time he mentions aliens I think to myself that he still hasn’t moved on from this boyhood fantasy of one day saving the world with a technocratic plan.

  • Joefromjerze

    With great power, comes great responsibility.

  • Anonymous

    Have you not heard of the broken window fallacy?  Burn it instead.  It will keep you warm and serves as a primitive source of entertainment.

  • Einar Árni Friðgeirsson

    The novels that Krugman was referring to were the Foundation series of Novels by Isaac Asimov.  Many of Asimov’s novels feature the kind of “hard” central planning social science musings that have hypnotized technocrats since the days of August Comte.  Sometimes the planning is done by mathematically advanced human experts, sometimes by artificial intelligences.

  • Jeff

     I think Hadrick’s heard of Broken Windows.

  • jaffi411

    This is certainly one of Bob’s best takedowns.  He really nailed Krugman on this one.  Hey, 2.98 cheers from Dr. Salerno isn’t something that comes readily, but Bob got it.

  • Greg

    krugman’s paper on new economic geography is very good.

  • Anonymous

     He’s like Spiderman.

  • Tom Woods

    Translation: Bob nailed him on the issues we’re actually talking about.

  • Bharat

    Chris was being satirical.

  • Anonymous

    So basically he is predisposed to like determinalism and thus why he likes these policies of inflation and cartelization?

  • Anonymous

    The trick is that Bob treats Krugman as though he actually believes strongly in what he writes or cares much about it.  If you look at Krugman as a mouthpiece for the corporate/government elite, somebody who’s paid to keep the chattering class intrigued with labyrinthine prose loosely connecting post-Keynesian thought droppings — I think he makes much more sense as the editorial-column counterpart to Greenspanian FedSpeak.

  • Jordan


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this. I must have been talking through my interpreter, Mr. Gentlemen Jack.

  • Baxter

    Broken link is broken: Looks like it expired.