Newt Was for Rockefeller

Against Goldwater. You may need to sit down to deal with a shock like that.

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  • jaffi411

    Newt’s head is far too big for his structure; figuratively and literally.

  • jen

    How convenient to leave out Romney is a major culprit as well, in fact the biggest one fake and big government progressive of all the candidates.

    I am with Peter Schiff in that a Newt victory was good because someone needed to ‘derail the Romney express train’ and like Schiff, I do not trust Romney. 

    He is truly nothing more than actor, like an actor on a theatre stage rehearsing lines not from his heart or track record but from his vile, dozens of advisors that run the establishment campaign.  On the other hand, the left and right establishment have always hated Newt since his entry into politics. 

  • jaffi411

    Wow!  Did you derive that much out of my simple comment?

    Personally, I am not a fan of either.  They’re both full of it in my opinion, and neither could care less what innocent people die for the benefit of the few. JMHO.

  • David Bardallis

    In my mind, there’s no excuse for anyone to be fooled by the likes of Gingrich in 2012. Hey dummies who think he “debates well,” there’s this thing called “Google” and the Internet. You can spend 15 minutes fact-checking jerks like Gingrich before you form your stupid, harmful opinion of him. The truth will set you free, but I guess it’s too much to ask some people to spend 15 minutes looking for it.

  • Cristobal

    Newt’s “Third Wave” is upon us. Technocracy Rules!

    I love how he pandered to the supporters of the other candidates so effectively. I’m sold.

    What a comedy it truly is that 40% of south carolinans believe Newt is actually electable. I say Newt is history before Florida is even voting. I could be wrong because our elders have been under mind-control for so long. I called my uncle in SC too late to change his vote (he for Newt, my aunt for Romney) but I may have awakened him to the reality of whom he voted for. Unfortunately, he compared Dr. Paul to Ross Perot and lamented the Clinton presidency and blamed Perot. Don’t they ever ask themselves why they didn’t go Perot?

    I will continue to fund Dr. Paul’s struggle. Hey, they laughed at Reagan, too!

  • David

    Jen, it isn’t necessary to go on a tirade against Romney every time another candidate is mentioned on this site. No one here likes Romney.

  • Anonymous

    I could make a speech but it wouldn’t be worth 60,000 because it would be short and sweet , and it might wake up the people your presenting the speech too.There all basically full of shit and no one is worth that much just to talk.  Wonder how much Lincoln made to give a speech , how about Martin L King . How about Gandhi , Etc. Is this country becoming one big Amway convention , Country is in trouble and these Dick weeds think there speeches are going to solve the Nations problems Obama gave some good speeches still is . but are they walking the walk, and talking the talk, or just filling our heads with more BS and Promises that come to nothing . don’t know about you, but it seems as though the whole Gov. Rep. Sen. like giving speeches every night we hear it on the news C-span etc. but what are they really doing. .Are we still in this comfortable rut that we love so much, not to realise we have a few pressing problems facing us as a people .Time to cut the small talk and i mean the jerk offs in Washington and put your heads together, and do what your paid and elected to do . Get your shit together soon, or you will be on the unemployment line with the rest of us. wishing you had a job, kicking the can done the road . but your used to that . My point is your supposed to Rep. us start doing it Get your heads out of your ass . before you have a full scale revolution on your hands .give you a hint on a good start get all our troops back home start taking care of this country , and Get your hands out of the pockets of the big wigs who pay your way. Don’t know if you forgot, but there’s a few Americans in this country. Who could use some help there living on the streets because of your bad policies in the Housing market . Do your Damn job you here elected to do . Period . We don’t want to hear your opinions and arguing anymore just do your job .. period     

  • jen

    Comments on Romney or anyonelse cannot be classified as ‘necessary’ or ‘unnecessary’ – hence your statement is irrational.  One can read a comment and perhaps feel it is derogatory/offensive or that it hurts their ego, etc…, but the label ‘necessary’ is odd. 

  • Anonymous

    Research your facts before you spew anymore poison!

  • Anonymous

    I must expect and believe you are a beauty queen. Looks is not what we are voting for.  Newt has the wisdom to turn this country around.  I think to address him about his looks is very shallow.

  • Anonymous

    First, I must say that you really need to proofread your posts.  It is excruciating to read a letter with so many punctuation mistakes, all the while spewing about how stupid others are. I am not trying to be harsh, but come on.

  • jaffi411

    I am allowed to make jokes, right?  If fact, I also have a pretty large dome, so I think I can speak on behalf of the entire large-domed community when I say that Newt is one of us in that respect.  However, my joke was a two-parter, he also has a big head in the figurative sense–  rarely will you see an ego the size of his.  Fortunately, that portion is not an affliction of mine.  

    Just in case you’re curious as to what I look like, it is the first image in this link