More Ron Paul Talk: The Generation Gap, Foreign Policy, and More

An excerpt from my appearance on the Robert Scott Bell Show the other day.

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  • jinlv

    Since you mentioned FOX I had to share this

  • Sarahhughes44

    andrew breitbart threatens ron paul & rand paul: 
    simply crazy!

    rand paul and ron paul serve their country, in the military and elected office!

    breitbart serves his neocon self.

  • Jarrett Cooper

    Breitbart has the typical view in that he really likes Ron Paul, except on foreign policy. Sounds familiar.

  • Ken MacMillan

    We need Victor Gold & Barry Goldwater Jr. on our side.

  • sirbourbon

    “The end of the story”

    “The Shah ( I suppose there are worse dictators) he, so suppressed political opposition that what he basically did was he forced political opposition into the mosques. He was certainly not going to interfere with Islam so Islam became the one area where you could really have political dissent. So naturally then in the late nineteen seventies it exploded in Iran. And where is it centered? in the mosques.” —Tom Woods,Jr.

    Indeed in the mosquers but also in the US State department and communist revolutionaries in Iranian universities.

    The victims: The Shah sent Khomeini into exile and imprisoned the revolutionaries. Khomeini slaughtered Teheran’s police officers and at least 1,200 Imperial army officers. US army General Huyser told them that they would not be harmed if they surrendered peaceably. They did and they were immediately put to death. Before dying, many exclaimed, “God save the King!”

    Pahlavi was forced out of Iran and the clerics ended up with the political power just as soon as the interim provisional government of Shapour Bakhtiar could be conveniently disposed of.

    Deposing the Shah came about with the help of the US State department, George Ball, Henry Kissinger and General Huyser,James Carter and Teddy Kennedy and his family. Teddy Kennedy ranted against the Shah, calling the Shah a “tyrant” and his regime “one of the most violent in the history of mankind.”

    Wow, and I bet Teddy would have included the Hitler,Stalin and Mao regimes as worse than the Shah’s.

     Kennedy is down in hell with Khomeini discussing how more Iranian were killed during Khomeini’s first month in power than in the Shah’s 37-year reign.

    Yet Carter, Ted Kennedy, and the Western media, who had brayed so long about the Shah’s alleged “human rights” violations, said nothing. Mass executions and torture elicited no protests. Seeing his country thus destroyed, the exiled Shah raged to an adviser: “Where are the defenders of human rights and democracy now?”

    We only hear the msm accounts and believe them.



  • willb

    The sooner the TV generation is dead and buried, the better.

  • Ken MacMillan

    This is off topic but is Politifact liberally bias?

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Tom Woods.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll put this here

    I keep getting malware warnings for this site from google

    Just giving you the heads up.

    Sam from Australia

  • jaffi411

    Tom knows.  This is actually the second time this has happened over the past week. The first time Tom must have gotten it fixed, because it went away the next day.  But two days later it came back.  

    Just as a precaution, screen for malware/spyware.  I ignored the warning the first and second time, but I found that Google installed spyware tracking cookies on my computer when I did that.  Tracking cookies aren’t always for malicious purposes, but they can allow 3rd parties to track your activity.  

    If I were to guess, I would say that somebody is messing with Tom.  Considering his high profile and the fact that he often makes a great case against the state, I think you can guess who might be behind it.  

  • sirbourbon

    You have nearly 17,500 likes but your site has few ads from google ads peddling services and products that I see at other sites with less number of likes. Ads are a form of revenue but some of these ads are pretty weird and I wouldn’t want them on any site I owned.   

  • Tom Woods

    You are making this up. There are no ads on this site. Are you a real person or some sort of spambot?

  • sirbourbon

    I apologize.