Marillion’s Steve Hogarth on the Past and the Future

So neat to hit it off so well with Steve Hogarth of Marillion! We talked about the work he’s proudest of, how Marillion fans’ devotion made them Internet pioneers, whether the popularity of forgettable music bothers him, what’s next for Marillion, and more. Have a listen! (And subscribe to the Tom Woods Show on iTunes or Stitcher.)

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  • Richard Schwarz

    Great job Tom. As I just stated on your facebook page I had a smile throughout. By the way, I had an integral part in the evolution of the tour fund back in 1997. While I wasn’t the one to come up with the specific idea of raising money for the tour, I sorta got the ball rolling by saying on the internet forum that since the band wasn’t going to tour over here, we as fans should come up with a way ourselves to make it happen. Then it was my friend (and another libertarian) Jeff Woods (no relation to you I presume) who actually started the bank account and raised all the money. There’s also very cool youtube video of Marillion keyboard player Mark Kelly giving a Ted talk on the origins of crowd-funding and Marillion’s involvement.

    Anyway, really neat job on the interview! I’m going to go spread the word that its available.

  • Tony Furminger

    Hi Tom. Having been a Marillion fan since 1982 (I had more hair and less waist then), I really enjoyed your interview with h. I’ve had the privillage to meet the band on a few occassions and I gotta tell you they are the nicest people in the music industry and their management team is incredibly open and approachable. They treat their fans as members of the team and have always got time for you.
    One thing though, Neverland and The Invisible Man live and amazing but they are surpassed by the beauty that is This Strange Engine. Enjoy

  • positivelastaction

    Great Interview! Marillion is the best band there is, ever was and ever will be!