Interview with a Zombie

The first original video on TomWoodsTV, my YouTube channel. An unusual promo for my book Nullification.

UPDATE, Jan. 2011: Then, watch the blooper reel:

Bob Murphy, the zombie, now has a full line of zombie gear!  Next time you’re confronted with opponents who refuse to address your arguments, you can already be laughing at them with this full line of T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and stickers.

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  • K Bock

    “The requirement of ‘concision’ is the enemy of true discourse.”
    Paraphrasing Noam Chomsky.

  • Saulius Muliolis

    I could have done better with the zombie makeup. You missed the top of his head and his hands. 

  • Cmidan

    Dr. Woods does not appear to be espousing a Republican viewpoint.  On the contrary, he seems to be pointing to an alternative check on the power of government.  We should not be content to select between boob A and boob B every four years and should seek to use local/state government to fight against statism.

  • Anton Sherwood

    The first time the zombie said RACISM you shoulda said “That’s another good example.”

  • Anton Sherwood

    They say we get the government we deserve, but what bothers me is getting the government that a plurality of my neighbors deserve.

  • beth simmons

    ROTFL! That was awesome. I have shared this with all my FB friends. Currently reading your first book the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History I bought from you in OKC at the rally post OK GOP Convention. Will eventually get “Nullification”. Thanks for making economics humorous. Although what is happening to our great country is not humorous at all.  Audit the FED, End the FED. Go Ron Paul.

  • Guest

     Is that who that is? I thought it was Keith Obamaman. ;)

  • Rurudyne

    “Zombie” is what we should call those who suffer from or borderline trade in misology … and I’ve encountered more than a few among so-called progressives.

    Between their appeals traditionalism and fait accompli (ever notice how most every aspect of tyranny from things like Frothingham v Mellon through the New Deal and onward is “settled law” when for it to be so the Constitution had to first be unsettled — or arrogated — as Law?) or charges that I and others who argue for intent in accordance with the original right of those who ratified the Law can be said to have agreed to are “cherry picking” — even though many of those who level such a charge would be hard pressed to present a single proverbial cherry of their own (aside from the Hamiltonian view which was ONLY expressed by Hamilton after ratification and so cannot be considered part what he told the several States beforehand so that they could be said to have agreed to that understanding) it gets a bit tiresome.

    Reminds me of the last bit from the song about banging your head against some mad bugger’s wall….

  • Anonymous

    I found the Zombie to be pithy, succinct, to-the-point but, unfortunately, he made no sense whatsoever.

    John Lofton, Recovering Republican
    Active Facebook Wall

  • Richard

    In incredibly accurate portrayal of a mainstream media interview.

  • Luke Sacher


  • Luke Sacher

    I’m off to facebook to watch your playlist as I fall asleep… it’s soothing to listen to honest, decent and factual words… your series on the Catholic Church, your presentations at the Mises Institute… I can’t get enough! :)

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