Indiscriminate Killing No Big Deal, Say Radio Listeners

Yesterday my wife was listening to local talk radio, and the subject of that guy who shot up all those women and children in Afghanistan was being discussed. The host was saying what a horrific thing this was. The callers disagreed. Our troops are under a lot of stress, they said. (Probably true, but then don’t do this in the first place.) And after all, those people flew planes into our buildings.

But these victims were just women and children, the flabbergasted host replied. Didn’t matter. They’ve never apologized for flying the planes into the buildings.

Now bear in mind, even apart from the low-IQ barbarism that runs through the whole exchange, that we are talking about people so remote from modern communications that they often do not even know 9/11 occurred. But when their kids are killed in an attack the military itself disavows, even this is not a source of grief.

If any other country showed this kind of callousness toward human life, we’d never hear the end of how awful they are, and how much more awesome the U.S. is.

Meanwhile, the alleged conservatives (you remember, the “limited-government” people) who are the quickest to defend these government employees are the same ones who lecture us about moral relativism.

Check out my co-authored volume We Who Dared to Say No to War, which develops themes like this, and if you missed this speech, have a listen:

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  • ShinePerishingRepublic


  • jen

    An interesting topic of the mentality of electorate that goes along with politicians wars – I think if you knew why and how they were that way, you would make arguments to back them out of it.  While it may be true that most Americans are warlike, they don’t know that they are and in fact, don’t believe they are – hence you can’t have a discussion with them about it.  I think they think of it as taking each country/event on a case-by-case basis and it just happens that the only solution that comes to them is military action.  As thus far, military actions have not impacted US soil, hence people don’t fathom war as they don’t see or feel it right away and on their soil.  And, they think it is a moot for anyone to be invading us soil given the military might of the US, not thinking that military might has not won any war since 1945 and hence history repeats itself in that military might not ward off military actions of others to the US.  In effect, they are too trusting of their military/gov’t officials to use their military might in the best way because obviously if that military might is used in the right way, there would be limited chances for war to hit US soil.  And, they assume Bernanke is looking after them and is so benign to continue printing money infintely to bail the average people out without inflationary effects.

  • Paul Farah

     “have become the norm”?  Uh… while I agree with you that war dehumanizes people, I need to point out the historical fact that the United States government has ALWAYS sanctioned torture, murder & callous disregard for human life.  Need I point out the more than a century of war against the American Indians,or the destruction of cities during the Mexican War, or the fantastically brutal War Between the States? Shall I point you in the direction of the Spanish American War and our occupation of the Philippines?  How about World Wars 1 & 2?  Korea?  ‘Nam? There is NOT ONE generation of Americans who has not witnessed his government engaging in heinous behavior, usually for some lame-ass excuse. But don’t feel annoyed with me, or think I am being unpatriotic.  Why?  Because once they get big enough, every other government in history has behaved exactly the same way!  You’d think the humans would catch on by now, but they don’t.
    And America has only been a bastion of law & civil liberty so long as people have been able to successfully resist the government.  Our government (like every other government) has NEVER protected civil liberties.  Just ask the Blacks, or Mexicans, or Indians, or Irish or…..
    The biggest lie ever taught in history class is that the American government stands for truth justice and the “American way”.  No government ever has.  Not ours, not anyone else’s, ever.

  • The Kingfish

    Most of those comments were indeed from one thread, and I took a few from one other thread on FR.

  • Bob

    You’re far to kind. Most “conservatives” in this country right now are idiots. I swear someday in the future they’re going to study people of this era in this country at this time and conclude that those that call themselves “conservatives” especially “conservative Christians” sufferer from of a type of delusional brain disorder.Think about it,  they love liberty, but rabidly support politicians like Bush who gave us the Patriot Act. They love Jesus and because of that they hate abortion, but they have no problem with bombing innocent women and children in one of our imperial wars. They love to see “limited government”, but they have no problem seeing us quickly becoming a police state as long as it “keeps us safe”.They supposedly “love mercy” and believe in the redemptive love of God but also rabidly support the American Gulag prison system which contains almost 6 million people. Meanwhile not one of these candidates, not one, has called for an investigation of the Wall Street swindles.Go figure.
         You could go on and on, too. 

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

    It doesn’t happen often, but Tom is missing the whole point. It is definitely NO BIG DEAL, because by definition, a terrorist IS a civilian. The entire 19,000 people we have killed in Afghanistan are practically ALL civilians. Another 16 or 17 IS no big deal. The Executive has unilaterally declared war on civilians, when it declared war on terrorists. Making US (wait for it …) TERRORISTS! To declare war on civilians is to make yourself a terrorist.

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

    I can make the argument that the entire WAR in Afghanistan is about us killing civilians. Making another 50 or 100 dead no big deal. In what battle did we engage the Afghan army mr. smarty pants? Seems those “dumb ass red-necks” could be a bit smarter than you.

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

     Between abortion and jail, the Black population has been held steady at 12%

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

     The only way to make people use your fake paper money, is with a gun. From Lincolns greenbacks to the current International Banking Cartel. It is not humans that are at fault. Humans are victims of the very few leaders who get the paper money for free, if they will kill everyone that won’t use it.

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

     Parthenon, boxing, mma, execution, war … people LOVE seeing other people get killed. It’s really big down south Mexico way. They have morbid magazines full of pictures of dead bodies. Even Jesus: the crowd yelled “Crucify Him!” his crime? Teaching people to love.

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

     The military has killed 19,000 civilians in Afghanistan. There has not been ONE single battle with the Afghan army.

  • Ryan Murphy


    While I can’t shed any light on who you were listening to I think I know who the callers were. They were the people who post on neoconservative blogs like Town Hall. Here they are in all their infamy.

    Most of the comments here are as foul as those you heard like this one:

    “This Military -Hero- should have a ticker tape parade right down
    Broadway NYC in the heart of Liberalism. He is a -Hero- because he made
    these animals think twice before they kill anymore innocent Americans
    because somebody destroyed their -Koran’s-. I hope and pray to -God- the
    Almighty that we have more real brave Christian Military -Hero’s- that
    will use their weapons to send a statement to all the -Godless- liberals
    in Washington DC….”

    We can be sure of one thing. We know the one GOP candidate this person won’t support.

  • ND52′, Oklahoma City

    This is why parents need to educate and prevent their kids from going into the military.

    I just cannot for the life of me see the logic/reasoning in joining the army or the marines in this day and age.

  • ND52′, Oklahoma City

    Both parties love war but they really get blood-thirsty when it’s their party running things..

  • ND52′, Oklahoma City

    Sorry @ThomasEWoods:disqus  but there really are people in our military who get off on stuff like this.

    If you like hurting people and wanna get paid for it——all the while receiving the best training and the best weaponry money can buy——-where else are you gonna go?

    And as an added bonus, you get an endless supply of “thank-you’s” and “atta-boys” from the clueless american populace.

    I saw this personally during my six year hitch.

  • ND52′, Oklahoma City

    No one in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or Iran had a thing to do with 9/11 and I refuse to waste my time with people who think otherwise.


  • Dither

    It’s not a lack of creativity. The military brass (and their brainwashed underlings) are just plain okay with killing innocent people as long as there are no repercussions for them. Those innocent lives are to them as cockroaches, not worth a second thought. In other words, the military is evil. And think of all those deluded, self-described Christians in America who revere the military as if it were under orders from God himself!

    The nice thing about the internet is that a decent, sane human being can find others of his kind. But the fact remains we are a minority. It’s frightening to think of all the crazed, psychopathic lemmings out there. They vote, too, and it shows.

  • Chris Schmidtkunz

    Why didn’t they stand up for the boarder patrol who shot the drug trafficker in the ass then? Instead they put the guy in jail and give the drug trafficker a get out of jail free card. At least they should be consistent. I guess if your gonna shoot up the place be sure to do it after the polls close so ya don’t get crucified. I’m sure the soldier wasn’t well balanced before enlisting in the first place. Like others have already said. The Iraqi people had nothing to do with the planes and the towers. They just want there country back from the invaders. No WMDs should of got us out of there four years ago! Bring out guys home. They don’t need to be subjected to that place or put into these situations.

  • McCord2

    You think you are smart and couchie. You’re actually just a fat little pimp.

  • ND52′, Oklahoma City

    What’s the matter @2dde5cac46aaed32cefe12c3276e9feb:disqus —-did I strike a sensitive nerve?  A little too close to the truth for ya?   Haha.

    It’s okay man, most people simply can’t handle the truth.