How We’re Going to Pitch Ron Paul

Revolution PAC intends to produce television and radio ads that clearly distinguish Ron Paul from the pack.  We are not going to say he is a 35% better conservative Republican than the other conservative Republicans.  We are going to do him justice as the man who has told the truth to the American public and to the bipartisan establishment for over 30 years.  We should have a TV ad to show you soon.

In the meantime, please watch the brand new video the PAC has produced and pledge to support us on September 19.  We need your help.  No need to worry about six-figure expense reimbursements or mega-salaries.  The money will go to spread Ron Paul’s message.  That’s a promise.

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  • Parker

    This is very exciting.

    An ad idea that might be too over the top I had was to show Paul giving his press conference on the Clinton impeachment in 1998 where he predicts that US interventionist foreign policy could lead to terror attacks against the US… then cut to the scene of 911 3 years later. At that press conference he supported the impeachment of Clinton, but not for the stupidity of Lewinsky but the far more serious illegal bombings Clinton had authorized.

    The whole concept of blowback I find very powerful and sets him apart from the field. He’s taken a lot of crap for his position but Americans are waking up to it. He’s the peace candidate… for real. I believe that if Paul’s non-interventionism had been followed all along, there wouldn’t have been a 911, no wars, and no PATRIOT Act. A completely different world today.

  • Jake Barnett

    I’ll be donating a few hundred bucks with my next paycheck.  I love Ron like the Grandfather I wish I had, but his humility keeps him from calling these guys out like the frauds they are.  I hope you guys are able to do that in a cogent and not “too nice” way with some of your advertising. 

  • John S

    Parker, the problem with that is it’s not accurate history.   Clinton never faced impeachment over any foreign policies or military actions.  Clinton faced 4 articles of impeachment, all related to Lewinsky matters. Besides, siding with the bluenose GOP losers in the impeachment effort hardly was Ron Paul’s shining moment; indeed, supporting the impeachment effort was going against the great majority of the American people who saw the impeachment effort for what it was, an effort by a gang of blue nose GOP hypocrites to get Clinton and the people be damned.

  • J10

    John, watch the video of the press conference Parker is talking about. It was one of Ron Paul”s shining moments.

  • Parker

    Yes, watch the vid linked by J10.

    Then reflect for a moment on the fact that Paul was telling this nation that our foreign policy could lead to a 911 and the wars and the suffering…. Then let the thought of how our world would be so different today had we listened to him *detonate* in your mind! It almost makes me cry and I’m a grown man…

  • Billy Bublitz

    Nice commercial powerful, short, and sweet.

  • Wolframajax

    clinton was impeached for LYING UNDER OATH , excusing a stiiting president for that would have set a horrible standard for future presidents.

  • Zee Zee

    I like parker’s idea of playing a clip of paul predicting blowback.

    in addition, take a clip out of this video from 1983:

    Show how he has been consistent for 30 years.  Especially use that quote he says in there: “is it any more moral to dilute the purchasing power of the money you hold in your wallet than it is for the farmer to dilute the milk supply with water?”

    I would say that just playing 30 seconds of that video, like particularly the part between 33 seconds to 1:07 with some music behind it, would be much more effective than all the fancy CGI ads the official campaign is producing.

  • Pravin Varma

    this is probably not the right place to add this comment,but dr woods,can you please comment on the criticism by daniel kuehn that the 1921 depression was not a keynesian aggregate demand failure and that it was wilson who actually cut taxes later while harding increased taxes.kuehn also states that roemer and other keynesians have already addressed this depression in the keynesian framework

  • neocontrotsky

    As Rocky’s trainer said in Rocky VI, “Let’s start building some hurting bombs!”

    I will definitely be donating.  I think pointing out his long standing desire to end the wars, pull the troops out now, and how he was the only one running on either side who predicted and can fix the economy is the best possible message. 

    Great ideas! 

  • neocontrotsky

    I think this great clip from Rocky Balboa applies a lot to the Ron Paul campaign and the difficulty we are all up against. 

  • Holdem17

    I was just reading Tom’s biography and noticed he is Catholic.  Now this is rich.  A man who claims we need to stick to the constitutional documents and that individuals are more than capable of freely making good choices for themselves being part of a top-down, unscriptural institution, run by infallible old imperialists called Popes.  Best laugh I’ve had in a while.

  • Contemplationist


    You are forgetting that the biggest obstacle is the PRIMARY not the GENERAL election. And there is absolutely nothing dishonest about highlighting Paul’s record and beliefs which are very amenable to Republicans till the primary is won – such as his pro-life position for example which is a must-have issue for a ton of social cons.

  • Tom Woods

    I have no problem with pitching him to the intended audience.  But I do not want to pitch him as being simply a better they than they are.  He is a different kind of person altogether, and we do not need to make him boring — e.g., “He’ll balance the budget” — to sell him to people.  To the contrary, we need to boast of his unbelievable record and prophetic utterances, which no other candidate can even touch.

  • LetsGetReal

    I love it!  It is perfect.

  • LetsGetReal

    I saw a lot of really good material in that one clip.  I think it could be very powerful.  It makes me ashamed that I was in support of the war.  I think I have said everything about the terrorists that they have said about us.  I just never listened to the news because they were such liars. 

    I wanted to believe that President Bush was trustworthy.  But, I knew I could never know the truth by listening to the news.  I just thought Ron Paul was crazy. 

    I really think, you can save Ron Paul’s strength and energy by just playing snips of what he has said over the years.

    P.S.  — There are too many words at the beginning of the video it is too hard to read them.  That should be done as a voice giving the background with some visual candy while the announcement is taking place because even with Ron’s good speech, there needs to be background information to set the stage.

  • LetsGetReal

    I agree.  That is a great example of what he has been saying about the fed that nobody understands because nobody has ever actually heard it.

  • LetsGetReal

    The best thing is he said it in 1983!

  • LetsGetReal

    I don’t think he needs to call them out.  He is exposing them with their pants down already.

  • Mike Rudolph

    You can simply opt out of Catholicism or Christianity in general through sheer will. Try opting out of American society. Let me know how that goes.

  • Holdem17

    You can opt out too, move to Canada.

  • waterloo

    Your asinine comment gave me the best laugh i have had in a while.  People like Woods recognize that there are institutes outside of the government that can serve society such as churches and charities.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with belonging to a “top down” organization like the church as long as it is voluntary. In fact there is nothing wrong with belonging to a socialist commune or any other social organization so long as it is voluntary. Also i would say that the Catholic church is very scriptural, in fact, i would argue that an organization couldn’t be more “scriptural”, considering the catholic church compiled them.

  • The Kingfish

    This is really a great ad. However, I must inquire about some of the writers given a platform in the wider camp of Team Paul – I mean certain columnists who appear on the Lew Rockwell Blog (not an official organ but closely associated). While I mostly enjoy it and read it daily, some of the blog posts are not exactly the best outreach pieces, especially for those readers in the military or their families and/or those of any political stripe who are new to consistent Constitutionalism.

    According to particular LRC bloggers, we should expect everyone who puts on a uniform to eagerly join in on the next My Lai or Ishaqi massacres. I don’t think I’m exaggerating here. It just seems somewhat strange to use imagery of military families (as is shown in this video) or to cite the substantial support from active duty military of Ron Paul and then to turn around and call them murderers. People can write whatever they want, but it might be wise to tone that kind of talk down in a channel that is closely associated with support for Ron Paul. Truly, the best way to support the troops is to bring them home.

  • Laura

    Tom, hi, I’m Catholic, as you are, and I want to find a way to contact Mel Gibson.  Even though he hasn’t been of sterling character, I know he is conservative, and we may be able to persuade him to support Ron Paul, if in no other way, then through him financially.  Wouldn’t it be great if he could incognito support and produce blow-out advertising videos?  If you have any contacts through the Catholic world, let’s try to reach him, k?

  • Laura

    I totally agree with you Tom, totally!  Perry was a “no show’ at South Carolina, and I believe he used the wildfires as an excuse to be a “no show”, why?  Because I believe he lacks confidence in this day and age, as compared to the calibre and stature of Ron Paul.  I sense he is mesmerized by RP, because of RP’s high intellectual knowledge.  He just can’t compete.

    I believe this “no show” is prophetic.  We shall see. 

    But you are right about selling to the MASSES how unbelievable his record & prophetic utterances have been, and I might also add how he is the “Rocky” of the PEOPLE, unlike the phonies that say they “represent” the people.  This man is a gift from God, and people don’t realize it…..yet.  All the ads have to show this in a unique way, and all the ads MUST CONNECT with the PEOPLE.  Whose side is he on?  OURS.  We have to say simply & quickly the WHY he is on our side.

  • The Kingfish

    This, from today:
    “…there is no greater force for evil than the men and women of the United States military.”
    Laurence Vance on September 15, 2011,