First Episode of the Tom Woods Show, Finally

Join me this Monday, September 23, at noon Eastern for the first episode of my Monday-Friday program. The show is broadcast live but archived for download as well. Monday I’ll be talking to Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center, and Tuesday to Ben Swann.

Here’s the Facebook event page. I’d be grateful if you could spread it around.

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  • Couldnt B. Righter

    Tom, I love your work, and I wish you success in all of your endeavors, but I hope this show won’t take away from your other truly earthshaking projects: the Liberty Classroom and your books.

  • Haley 11

    Salivating, can’t wait. Great 1-2 liberty punch to start the show off. Be careful though, Tom, I’m sure 30 minutes won’t nearly be enough once the show gets off the ground!

  • Anonymous

    At Last!!!
    In the true spirit of Misesian division of labor, the right man for the job!!
    Mazel Tov, Tom!!

  • Romans828

    it’s about time. wonderful.

  • JTPQuinn

    Question request for Michael Boldin: do you think that Nullification of Roe v Wade is a viable Pro-Life strategy and do you think it would be an effective way to get Pro-Lifers into the Liberty movement?

  • Anonymous

    Depends on which Pro-Lifers you mean. Most libertarians are pro-choice in my experience, i.e. they at least favor legal abortion under many circumstances and simply as a woman’s choice early in pregnancy. Radicals favor legal abortion as a woman’s choice at any point in pregnancy, and some libertarians are as radically pro-life, advocating a right to life at conception and the propriety of forbidding abortion at any stage.

    If nullification of Roe v. Wade only means that state governments, rather than the SCOTUS, regulate abortion, I consider that a step in the right direction, and I’m not radically pro-life. On the other hand, some libertarians will argue that a state forbidding abortion at almost any stage violates an individual liberty that they value, so nullification could divide libertarians as much as it unites them.

    The problem, in my communitarian way of thinking, is that a state government, on the scale of Texas or even New Hampshire, is still too large to constitute a free association. As a classical liberal, I advocate a limited state protecting every individual’s right to life and liberty (a right to exit a community establishing rules that the individual rejects), and protecting practically nothing else; however, this formulation of minimal, individual rights necessarily raises the question of when life meriting this imposition begins, and the question divides libertarians as much as others in my experience.

  • Mike

    Let me know when you find a state that never expands even when limited at first. Isn’t it about time we tried something different?

  • Smaulgld

    Good luck! Here is some pre viewing material to get an introduction to Michael Boldin

  • Anonymous

    States are onerous, but I don’t have much with which to compare them in reality. I called myself an anarchist in high school, after the fashion of Proudhon and Kropotkin, over thirty years ago, but after much reflection, my problem with anarchy as an alternative to minarchy is that practically all nominal “anarchists” (including me) turn out to be minarchists on closer inspection.

    Certainly, the anarcho-capitalists are minarchists; otherwise, I don’t know how they expect all people everywhere to enjoy Rothbardian property rights long enough to hire a nominally “private” enforcement service to defend the rights. An enforcement service need not enforce these particular rights as opposed to other formulations of propriety.

  • tascman

    Looking forward to it! I am wondering what Ian Anderson has to add to the discussion?

  • JP

    Get the grate one on there. Just messin.

  • guest

    Rated 5 stars!

  • Mike

    Looks like you have a lot of studying to do. Get with it.

  • direhippo

    Tom, two questions:
    1. Where is the link to listen live?
    2. What is the phone # to call in?
    Do we just use the same info for the Peter Schiff show?

  • Tom Woods

    During showtime there is a Streaming Live banner, which also has the phone number. I won’t be taking calls this week; I just want to make sure I have the basics down.

  • Tom Woods Fan

    Wow, 30 minutes is hardly even a show…I’m with you, it isn’t nearly enough. One hour at the least! If there are commercials that 30 minutes will be more like 20 minutes. Geez!

  • Tom Woods

    No commercials. :)

  • Tom Woods Fan

    This shouldn’t be a joke. He ought to be on there at some point to have the differences finally aired out. However, I am realistic enough to realize that Mark Levin would feel his presence on the show would be somehow legitimizing Tom Woods’ views on nullification, and so probably would avoid an interview for that reason alone. On another note, I think the Peter Schiff show is unique in that Peter Schiff actually has guests he vehemently disagrees with on the show. It takes a confident man to have a real discussion with someone whom you have nothing in common with. William F Buckley did it brilliantly on the Firing Line in years past, Peter Schiff does it now (albeit with less grace than WFB), but Lew Rockwell doesn’t do it. That’s his business of course. He can conduct his show however he likes. My point is that it is refreshing to see debates happen and not just choir-preaching and fuzzy feel good conversations about how the “movement” is advancing between fellow libertarians. Thats all well and good, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that ever happens.

  • Jimbo

    Tom, You’re a terrific radio host, but it sounds like you’re in a dumpster. You may want to upgrade your microphone. Terrific program. Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see any Streaming Live banner on the show page, on several different browsers. Hope this gets fixed soon!

  • Alexander Stepanov

    What about podcast?

  • Tom Woods

    As with the Schiff Show, it appears at showtime.

  • Tom Woods

    Weird. Same excellent, high-quality mic I use for Schiff.

  • JP

    I don’t mind the preaching to the choir. I try not to listen to neocon or liberal opinion.

  • davet

    I missed the live show, sorry I have to work. How long do we have to wait for the pod cast to show up in the archive tab. Can’t wait to listen.

  • Tom

    I’m not able to find the hear the show at the link below.

    Does anyone have a working link to today’s show?

  • Bobby McKeown

    Tom, i really appreciate your work! You’ve helped me convert 4 of my friends over to libertarianism and Austrian economics. I’ve read six of your books and they’ve been extremely helpful tools.

  • Dr. Bob Perkins

    Tom- I am enjoying your arguments though I am not a Libertarian. You frame things well. I found you because I am a strong critic of Lincoln, have read the DiLorenzo books, and agree with your points about Lincoln.
    With respect to Libertarianism, what are your thoughts to the fact that each year, the Scandinavian countries (and countries like Switzerland and Australia) are determined by many indices to have the best quality of life.

    The criteria are:
    happiness quotient
    and a bunch of other stuff.

    I think it is called the Economic Index. The United States dropped to 16th.

    My question is….if Libertarianism is the “way, truth, and the light”, why do countries that are democratically elected socialist countries always showing at the top of these lists? Denmark, Sweden, Norway…year after year?

    I am all for personal liberty in most cases but I can’t help but wonder how and why those economies are working so well on virtually every scale of measurement.

    I am not an ideologue on this issue…I am trying to “sharpen the spear” by hearing diverse views.

    What are your thoughts?

  • For Liberty

    I love how you and Peter are best friends. Thats really great.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t listen live but I am downloading all your shows onto Ipod and listening when I go to the gym. Great shows! I especially liked your show on Bitcoin.

  • JIMJIM – Bill Kauffman at Ron Paul’s rally in 2008.

  • Hatman

    Australia isn’t Scandinavian, or in Europe