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Devotion to Mitt

12th June 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Dan McCarthy, editor of The American Conservative, writes:

Not only do people not hug Mitt and tell him his philosophy changed their life, but when The American Conservative‘s intern asked a Mitt sign-waver at CPAC what his favorite Mitt policy was, the Mitt supporter was speechless. Finally all he could manage was, “Are you a member of the media?”

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  • Frank M

    I just heard Peter Schiff’s interview with Rand Paul concerning Rand’s endorsement of Romney. Still no answer as to why Rand decided to endorse him now with Tampa still well over 2 months away.

  • J Cortez

    The only people devoted to Romney are plutocrats and people playing politics. And really, you can’t really call that devotion at all.

  • Pierce Giboney

    Dr. Woods,

    Why did you remove your “Appeal to Ron Paul” video?  It was one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen in a long time.  Your appeal was the appeal of millions of Ron Paul supporters across the country.  Millions of folks who’ve had their hearts ripped out by what’s taken place in the last few weeks.  Some of us understand that what’s happened had to happen if the cause is to move forward (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves).  But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.  Most of us sacrificed our time and money because we believed in the integrity, righteousness, and power of this movement.  Some of us sacrificed more than that.  We, the men and women of the greatest political movement of our lifetimes, deserve answers.  We demand answers.  We need to know exactly what’s happened, and why it’s happened, so we can be reassured that the cause is in good hands and will move forward.  If mistakes were made, we need to know what they were, and correct them, in order to regroup and continue.  This cause, my cause, your cause, Ron Paul’s cause, humanity’s greatest cause – liberty – must move forward, and this movement is its best chance to do so.  It may be its only chance.  Dr. Woods, you’re as much a hero to the people of this movement as Ron Paul.  You are a true leader.  And, for now, you appear to be the last man standing.  I can only hope you took the video down because you received some reassurance.  If that’s the case, I hope you’ll share it with us when and if you can.

    We’re counting on you Doc.  Liberty is counting on you.  Thank you for your courage.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    I have more information now, and in light of that, I fear that my video may do more harm than good. I never want to do that. I’ll just say, have confidence in the man who has yet to let us down.

  • Frank M

    That’s good to hear, even though I never doubted Ron Paul for a second. :)

    On the downside, my great comment quoting the final line from the Frank Capra movie, “Meet John Doe” is now lost. :(

  • Frank M

    I didn’t mean to put that “:)” after my first sentence like I was kidding, but because I’m happy to hear the reinforcement. I really never did doubt Ron. He’s the real deal.

  • Pierce Giboney

    Thank you.  Never doubted you sir.  And I will never doubt the man who has given so much of himself, for so long, only to ask and receive so little in  return.  All that matters now is ensuring he gets a return on the investment.  We owe him that much.

    Understand I’ll never see the video again.  Not ashamed to say it choked me up a bit after viewing this morning.

  • Capn Mike

    Dr. Tom,
    I assume you’re referring to some of the negative comments about C4L?
    Regardless, the video was an emotional bombshell. Everyone I know got the link from me, and they’ve responded en mass and enthusiastically.
    When will we learn the info that justified taking it down?

    yer grateful student,
    Capn Mike

  • Alex

     Why don’t you share with us your information? Why don’t you offer any further analysis? This isn’t looking good to me at all.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    I am telling you that there is nothing to be concerned about, and that for once in my life I am simply asking people to take my word for something.

  • Alex

     Wait…Maybe Mitt is going to select Rand as his VP? Is that the new information you are talking about?

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    No. That wouldn’t even be relevant.

  • Nick

    In case anyone hasn’t heard or seen this yet, Rand Paul went on the Peter Schiff show to explain himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygwZHpTUmaI&feature=player_embedded

    It’s basically what you could expect.  Rand has been pushing for many pro-freedom initiatives in the Senate, such as auditing the Fed; having that growing influence, as imperfect as it is, is a valuable asset for promoting liberty; and if he doesn’t endorse endorse Mitt Romney, he’ll essentially be throwing it away.  Make of that what you will.  It might not be the decision you think you’d make, but none of us are in the Senate.  Personally, I’m just grateful that I’m not in a position where I have to make those kinds of tough calls.

    In any event, while the politicians make deals, we need to continue converting people to the ideals of liberty.  It’s like Ron Paul has said, no matter who is in office, the government will eventually reflect the beliefs of the people.

  • Alex

     This is completely ridiculous. Tom, I am a huge, gigantic fan of yours, but this simply doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. A few hours after posting the video, you “disappeared” it, because you obtained some mysterious “new information”, you cannot tell anything about! What’s next: are you going to “disappear” your previous widely listened video which says essentially the same thing as this one which you deleted?

    Btw you did not comment on this:
    You are mentioned in this video.

  • http://twitter.com/daleholmgren Dale Holmgren

    Agree on your Rothbard sentiments.  With the sole exception of his view on abortion, everything he’s ever written (that I have read so far) I’m in complete agreement with – even if it’s a topic I’ve never contemplated before! It’s like “YES” – immediately!  And he’s given me enough for me to read for, oh, a couple of decades!

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

     Calm down, he said there’s nothing to be concerned about.

  • Anonymous

    This blog is exceptional, but even when I read more popular libertarian blogs, I encounter many people who are basically in a cult of personality or a tribe unified by a simple creed that happens to be nominally “libertarian”. These people would be as happy in another tribe unified by another personality or creed. The creed seems particularly irrelevant.

    In his book Religion without Revelation, Julian Huxley divides humanity into two broad categories, “prophets” and “priests”. These categories are psychological rather than theological. A “prophet” is not someone with a direct channel to God. He’s an independent, creative thinker, someone like Tom Woods. A “priest” by contrast is a dependent thinker, someone who mostly follows the thinking of others. Most people are more priestly than prophetic.

    So in our two party state, the parties hardly need coherent creeds, and they hardly have coherent creeds. In fact, consistent principles are a vice in this system. A principled person is an uncompromising fanatic who can’t get along with others.

  • Anonymous

    I’m reading The Ethics of Liberty now (following a thread at Bleeding Heart Libertarians), and I find plenty of room for disagreement, but Rothbard is definitely provocative, and when I follow his reasoning through disagreeable assumptions to his final conclusion, I often find myself agreeing with him more than I earlier imagined.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul doesn’t have a track record long enough to persuade me that he’s committed more to libertarian principles than to his father’s coat tails. Someday, I hope he’ll have this record

    At this point, Rand’s endorsement of Romney interests me only because it signals the end of his father’s campaign. I can’t imagine Rand endorsing Romney without a clear signal from Ron that Ron’s campaign is over. I never much expected Ron to win the Republican nomination, but I hoped that he would find his way onto the ticket regardless of the nomination. I can’t imagine this outcome now.

    We still have Gary Johnson this year, and he’s at least as attractive as Rand Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Rand as VP wouldn’t affect my choice one iota. Gary Johnson is now the only name on the ticket remotely interesting to me.

  • George

    Logical and well put. To help the ego of those who may be upset by this… Remember we all stand ok the shoulders of giants. Which giants shoulders we choose to stand on is the measure of our understanding and value added. Choose wisely. If you’re here you’re already off to a great start

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SXD6UHKK4UDFTE4P5ZBJG2VPKM Michael Smith

    I trust you, Tom. You must have found out something good about the strategy which most people can’t see, and talking about it might ruin it. This is what I’ve assumed all along and the silence from the campaign is part of the strategy.

    For some reason, all recent events in the campaign remind me of two early Star Trek episodes: The Corbomite Maneuver, and Balance of Terror. And that’s all I’m going to say ;-)

  • Minnesota Chris

    Tom has been one of the strongest supporters of the liberty movement for many, many years, and his credentials, words, and actions have spoken for themselves.  He has more “insider” access than nearly all of us, and obviously has information that he can’t reveal at this time.  I hope people let it drop for now, and I have confidence that we’ll find out in due time what that information is.

  • Anonymous

    Rand signaled clearly in this interview that he would take the VP spot if Romney offers it. I don’t expect the offer at this point, but if Gary Johnson leaps over 15% in the polls as Paulis rally around him, the probability of Rand on the ticket skyrockets. If you see Rand as some kind of heir apparent, supporting Johnson at this point is a winning strategy.

    If I were Ron Paul, I would endorse Johnson and tell Rand to continue supporting Romney very openly anyway. “He’s my Dad, and I love him, but we have an honest disagreement here.” Ron sings the same song. He has nothing to lose by alienating Republicans, and Rand has everything to gain by with Republicans by demonstrating independence from Ron.

  • Packy

     I have no doubt that you now have sufficient reason for retracting your appeal on behalf of those who have scrimped their family budgets, socially isolated themselves, and devoted full energy to this effort.  But they haven’t heard them, and, as is plain to anyone looking over the comments on the pages of the “Daily Paul,” there is great disaffection among them, and many are drifting away in bitter cynicism and despair. It goes without saying that recent, tenuous supporters brought away from the Democrats have decisively regretted their foolish conversions and gone back to Obama.  If Ron has a delicate negotiations in progress and dares not say what they are, he had better make a video, and say “There are good reasons why I conceded the nomination prematurely to Romney in paragraph 7 of an email, and why I am surrounded by people who seem to do nothing but make repeated concessions of the nomination, and this is why I am not addressing suspicions of staff venality and duplicity, and under such and such theory of human psychology I am expecting people to go on struggling for the nomination after it has been conceded” then he might slow the bleeding where it is now, but this had better have been done a week ago.  From having followed RP message boards and talking with my RP friends, I predict a disappointing percentage of the existing RP delegates will appear in Tampa, and strongly suspect that the 5-year struggle has now ended with a most ignoble whimper. At this point, I will be surprised if Ron addresses his dwindling number of supporters at all, ever. I say this not to persuade you that this is what will happen, but to persuade you that it is how it looks to a reasonable person with any experience in politics.

  • Anonymous

    willie  seen  you……..:)

  • Anonymous

    willie’s  still  old  school,  hand shake  or a man’s  word !

  • Anonymous

    Pierce,  willie  hears  your  words, and yesterday  willie  was  on board……But  after  some  painful  hours and some  deep analysis,  
    the  movement  is  NOT  just  RonPaul, yes  he  is  the  leading  voice  we  have heard  through  the  dark  forsest,  but  the  movement  has  been  around  since  that single room  on market  street  in   philly  in the summer of  1776,  and  YES  America hasnt  lived up to that idea  YET ! but  it  will…………..
    But  it’s  up  to  you , willie, and the rest of America  to  bridge  this  message….RonPAUL  has  done  more  then  enough  for  this cause, and  love  him dearly  for  it………….
    And  when  willie  becomes  eligible  in  2030  for the highest  office,  RonPaul  will  be  right  there…………………….in willie’s  heart !!!

  • Alex

    That means nothing. If he says: I have the new information that justifies the Rand’s endorsement, he should reveal what this new information if. If he would not, then I am sorry – I don’t believe him. And you should not, either. Ask for proofs, don’t believe to anybody, including Tom. Tom had an ample opportunity to check with his insider sources, if he had them, before publishing the video. Why did not he do that?

    Just an after thought; have you noticed that on Lew Rockwell’s website there has not been a single commentary about Rand’s endorsement in the last seven days. Not a single word! Strange business, isn’t it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SXD6UHKK4UDFTE4P5ZBJG2VPKM Michael Smith

    That’s not true. Lew Rockwell actually did say something. I don’t know if it was deleted between then and now… but I did read it.

    Tom has clearly indicated that he cannot share privileged information, but that you shouldn’t worry. I assume there is some chess-like strategy at play and talking about what moves they’re going to make will ruin it.

    Just let it go and have faith in Dr. Paul until there is no reason to — which will probably be never. He is one of the most principled men we’ve ever had in our government, so cut him some slack.

  • jen

    Keep up the Romney bashing.  It is too late for new bashing now, but perhaps the message will get thru to Paul that his buddy is not liked one bit by most of his supporters – publicly that is. 

  • jen

    Hope the new information is good.  However, your last video was speaking truth on the Paul campaign and some of the folks that have been around him for a long time – and that truth is critical for everyone to know.  So that others are no longer in the dark and can step up the pressure on Paul to bolt from Romney and never look back, as well as those people that do not have his  best interest at heart.  And, it would crash the opportunity for the next leader that steps up to take over liberty.

  • jen

    My concern is that if you have succeeded in getting Ron to back off on what was to be his formal endorsement of Romney, that he would do a watered down version of it ever.  Meaning, there are ways to endorse somene or help someone by not doing a formal endorsement, but help Romney out in more meaningful ways, which effectively still delivers his supporters to establishment in a more round about way. 

    So, even if has the slighest bit of praise of Romney in anyway, like speaking of his corrupt business experience as good, then the liberty movement is still very tainted and very difficult to revive. 

    Those around Paul must be smart and can find ways around a formal endorsement, such that everyone other than rp supporters can still say Paul conceded.

  • Alex

    Don’t you see that there is a huge problem with Ron Paul already? Tom Woods made a video a few weeks ago, in which he called him essentially not to sell out. That was after Ron’s campaign said they are suspending further campaigning and when a speculation came out that they already sold out to Romney .

    After Rand’s sellout Tom made another video which simply reiterated his point from the previous one! And he took it down promptly! What have changed in the meantime, that made the same message ok two weeks ago, but very dangerous today? That kind of behavior is extremely fishy and unusual for Tom Woods. Call me a skeptic, but I don;t believe that there is any “new information”. Everything is just as it looks it is.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SXD6UHKK4UDFTE4P5ZBJG2VPKM Michael Smith

    While you may feel overly entitled, you’re not going to get any definitive answers to your questions at this time. Something tells me you wouldn’t accept any answer that didn’t fit into your preconceived notions anyways, and you would still continue to see a conspiracy within a conspiracy. So just drop it and let it play out until the end, whatever that may be.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, smacks of government agents defending new invasions of civil liberties by saying,”*You* didn’t do anything wrong, did you citizen? Then you have nothing to worry about. Just trust us…”

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

     Yes, because Dr. Woods works for the government and is trying to take our civil liberties away.

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

     An additional reason I told Alex to calm down is because freaking out about it isn’t going to make Dr. Woods tell us something if he doesn’t want to tell us. In fact, it could even have the opposite effect. If it’s something he can tell us, he will eventually tell us. If not, then it’s not. Ask him calmly at some point in the future.

  • Alex

    For those who would still like to see Tom’s video, here it is

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SXD6UHKK4UDFTE4P5ZBJG2VPKM Michael Smith

    You’re really a jerk, Alex. A true “concern troll” with an inflated sense of self importance and no class whatsoever.

  • Alex

    The reason I was insisting on this information was not to convince mr Woods to tell us (I dod not expect that), but to expose and challenge him, and to show to you, others, how hollow, BS and nonsensical his explanation for taking down the video was. I know and I knew that he had no new “information” whatsoever. He just made that up.

    If you don’t believe me, read what the establishment thinks.
    “long-term outlook is why Paul’s campaign manager took the unusual step
    last week of condemning “isolated instances of grassroots activists
    working toward an ostensible ‘hostile takeover’ of the GOP” in Idaho.”Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76297.html#ixzz1xvJma5jg

    Ron Paul’s campaign manager condemned the attempt by the Ron Paul people to take over the republican GOP! Yes, you are not hallucinating: the Ron Paul campaign manager condemned the attempt by the Ron Paul people to takeover the Idaho GOP!!! They are selling their own people out openly and shamelessly for months. And you, poor souls, believe that Woods has some magic “new information” which would redeem your hero. Sorry, to disappoint you, but everything is just as it looks. And Woods does not have any new  information”.

  • Rory O Beirn

    Libertarians, even ex-neo cons such as myself, are naturally very wary of anything that smacks of political expediency.  We have seen what devastation both the Democrat and Republican administrations have wrought over the past century, and refuse to concede on principal which is extremely difficult politically.
    Having listened to both sides of this issue, I do believe that Rand Paul is true to the cause, he has kept his word regarding the endorsement.  He has made it abundantly clear that the endorsement is not a conceding any principal.
    Rand Paul will continue to pursue the Fed, prevent unconstitutional wars, and safeguard freedoms, all of which are the major challenges of our time. I believe he has the belly for the fight, and it WILL BE a fight.  Neither he nor the legions of Paul supporters within the Republican party have taken their eye of their principals.  They do, indeed we all, need to do one more thing… Make ourselves heard.

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

    I don’t know if you know this, but in a Q&A a few days ago (after this video was taken down), Dr. Woods said there was zero chance Dr. Paul would endorse Romney.


    As for your other concerns regarding Jesse Benton and Rand Paul and the establishment, etc., I think they are legitimate concerns but there’s no need to be upset at Dr. Woods for taking down his video discouraging a Ron Paul endorsement of Romney.

  • Alex

     So, you are saying that Jesse Benton is doing what he is doing without Ron’s knowledge?

     it is immaterial whether Ron is going to say openly: “I support Mitt Romney”. He is already doing that on the ground. Just read how disheartened and disappointed are the hundreds of activists on various forums who feel abandoned by the Ron Paul campaign.

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

    Why are you changing the topic? This discussion had to do with the video Dr. Woods took down regarding a possible Ron Paul endorsement of Romney. in speculating

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