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Defense of Paul, Smackdown of Spectator

24th August 2011      by: Tom Woods     

Kevin Gutzman and I made mincemeat of poor, anti-Ron Paul Jeffrey Lord on the Mike Church Show today.  Listen!

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  • J.P. Parks

    Awesome!  You and Mr. Gutzman did everyone a service in rebutting Mr. Lord.  People who aren’t up on the history and issues will be able to go straight to this interview to get the facts.

  • http://twitter.com/Gameodactyl Patrick Gann


    Did you see Lord’s response to Jack Hunter where he essentially says “but look at all those other wars the founding fathers did!” I think that’s really cute. He thinks Ron Paul and non-interventionism = no wars. He doesn’t understand that protecting your country when you’re actually being attacked is something RP would support.

  • http://twitter.com/Gameodactyl Patrick Gann

    My pathetic at-work browser (IE7) won’t let me edit-in-place my comment. Said comment is, also, pathetic. Because this whole audio was addressing Lord’s post-Jack-Hunter-response. That’s what I get for commenting before listening. I thought it was recorded before Hunter’s reply. Sorry!

  • JR

    I truly hope that you will put, what you and Dr Gutzman said here, in writing.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    I will have a YouTube on this coming out in the morning.

  • JR


    I heard him on the radio today and its unfortunate that the host had no one to challenge him. So convenient.

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