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  • Brian

    O’Reilly has no understanding of free-market economics and the law of comparative advantage.

    Besides, Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution forbids Congress from imposing O’Reilly’s screwball export taxes anyway.

    So I guess O’Reilly is anti-market, anti-property rights, and anti-Constitution on this issue.

  • VAStrategies

    Hey, about as ‘crackpot’ as the spin tactic of telling the voting public that domestic production will affect domestic prices significantly, especially now that we see such strong fighting against said ban. Jefferson would be rolling in his grave if he knew that government has become a complicit tool in doing business’s own dirty work. Free market means non-intervention, right?

  • Robert Roddis

    I watch O’Reilly because it helps with my circulation and gets more of my old
    blood flowing.

    O’Reilly constantly insists that he is not an “ideologue” and that his hero
    is Bobby Kennedy. Take him at his word. He’s an expert in Keneezian economics.

    O’Reilly informs us that the Constitution says nothing about gold and silver:

    But O’Reilly is very concerned that voters who are not fully engaged in
    understanding the current political landscape will be misled by MSNBC.

    On Sunday, 60 Minutes broadcast the former Mossad chief claiming that the
    Iranians were rational and that attacking Iran would be “the stupidest thing I
    have ever heard.” Fox News O’Reilly hack Dick Morris called this talk “almost
    treasonous”. Fox News is constantly beating the drums for an attack on Iran.

    Last fall, O’Reilly compared Ron Paul to Joe Paterno and his alleged toleration
    for pedophiles. Because O’Reilly NEVER would “spin” the  news.

    This type of “reporting” runs 24/7 at Fox News.


  • Jack Bryan

    Hey folks, as long as we’re talking oil here I thought I might pose a question: What relation to rising gas prices does inflation have? I’ll link to this:

    Would you say that the reason I’m paying $4.45 a gallon here in CA has less to do with supply and demand of oil and more to do with the devaluing of the dollar due to government-sponsored inflation? Is it a mix of both?

  • William Leggett

    Two other great pieces that show O’Reilly’s absurdities are by Don Boudreaux and David Henderson.

    Also check out the link Professor Henderson provides.

  • Tammy Burns

    How do corporations have property rights?  Rights come from God to people.  I agree with Dr. Paul, corporations are not people.

  • Bharat

     The individuals controlling the corporations have property rights?

  • Nick Sorrentino

    The most important factor in why gas prices are rising is the petrodollar. The dollar gets weaker and the “price” of gasoline at the pump increases. The dollar, and only the dollar buys oil on the world market. This creates all sorts of economic weirdness.

  • Tammy Burns

    The individuals would have personal property rights on their personal assets. But these are corporate assets.

  • Anonymous

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