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Airport Janitor Finds and Returns iPad and $13,000

10th January 2013      by: Tom Woods     

And then gives away the reward, too.

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  • Daniel Brooks

    Jeez, can you believe some of the people in the comments of that article calling the owner a cheapskate for “only” giving the guy $60? The guy didn’t owe the janitor anything at all, giving him anything at all was generous. And did they not consider maybe the $13k was not his to give away, so maybe $60 was all he had in his wallet?

  • http://plenarchist.wordpress.com/ plenarchist

    “And in related news, man detained by local police after they confiscated $13,000 in cash for suspected drug money laundering. And the traveler suspected of money laundering reports his iPad missing after passing through TSA checkpoint. In other news, area janitor finds himself under investigation by the IRS after $13,000 of unreported income discovered…” ;)

  • http://www.praxacademy.com Rothbardian

    He’s lucky a janitor found it and not some TSA scum. He would never have seen that stuff again.

  • Franklin

    Indeed. Everybody is generous when it comes to somebody else’s money. Quite indicative of the macro political problem, ain’t it….

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