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Adopt a Neocon

23rd November 2012      by: Tom Woods     

A reader alerts me to his plan to change minds.

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • devoFromTheNorth

    excellent, this is great. the message of freedom must reach everybody, and its up to those in the know to not hide from their knowledge, but spread it like a fire burning down the half truths and deception of the status quo. heavily influencing one group (like the GOP or neo-cons) , can lead to a more exponential tipping point. once people who are not in the know see that there is a large group of dedicated people, it doesn’t seem like such outside ideas.

  • vox

    I am dedicated as ever to “convert” people around me but I see my main problem as this: myself. I am not the best ambassador of liberty. It is not that I don’t read enough (though this is a lifelong process), but I myself can become combative and leave a poor taste with other people. I’m trying to improve (another potential lifelong process), but Lord knows that I require repeated breaks. Other people swallow the dictum that discussing religion and politics gets people nowhere but fighting. That programming is surely what our social engineers revel in. Since the government has it’s overeaching hand in everything, of course everything is overly political! One of the main ways to fight that existence is to change everything into private, voluntary dealings with other people; without taxes, or as few and small as human imperfection will allow. I would compromise, but with the ultimate goal of increasing liberty and eventually no taxes (even though this struggle will continue “forever” beyond my lifetime).
    Although I can be my own worst enemy, the enemies of liberty hate people like us: we don’t give up. Nothing changes my core beliefs and search for ways to spread freedom and morality to everyone near my influence.

  • Bisch

    Vox, in discussing, ask a lot of questions. making statements will be sewn as combative, but if you can ask leading questions, the message may be better received.

  • timbercruiser

    FInd one libertarian point that the other person has, and have them apply that ideal to their other ideals. i.e. The state can’t tell me what light bulb to buy, therefore, they can’t tell me who I can marry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    Good idea but shouldn’t we answer these questions to ourself first, what is life and what does that encompass entirely? What does Liberty mean as an activity? What does the concept, “To pursue Happiness” really mean to you? What is the act of pursuing and if you are pursuing something and you add these parts Life and Liberty which direction is attached to this pursuit?

    It is hard to be an example of something you do not practice and practice does what? Now what is decision and what effects have you seen from this act? Who is capable of such an act?

    Life is a very important part of you and all things around you, so understanding your own importance does what when you understand you?

    Learn to focus your attention on what is present in front of you and not what others are doing all around you. Who makes the choices for you anyway?

    You are your very own answer to such a struggle and an example of your own daily activities.

  • Matt

    Read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

  • Frank M

    Try to remember that to “become combative” is not what we’re all about. We are the “live and let live” people. The folks we deal with should be able to see that in the way we relate to them.

  • Jeremy

    In this age of the internet people should have enough guts to check it out themselves. If they don’t I have no interest in them. It’s a waste of time. Good luck all the same.

  • Chris

    how about euthanasia instead`?

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