Tom Woods 1, Harvard Crazies 0

When I entered the Harvard class of 1990, I had no idea what to expect. I came from a conservative town, and had been reared in a conservative environment. Now I was in Cambridge. One of my very first professors required us to buy our…
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The Key to Online Success

Is an email list. Most people will visit your site and never return. You don’t want that. Even if they buy something, they’ll buy one thing and never return. How do you get them back? An email list. Oh, but I don’t open those emails,…
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Capitalism vs. American Health Care


For episode 481 of my show I talked to Dr. Josh Umbehr, whose practice in Wichita, Kansas, will knock your socks off, for reasons you’ll see below. The cost savings he and his patients enjoy because they stay away from insurance and government are absolutely staggering. Today…
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