How I Navigated Academia

20th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

I recently did a Q&A episode of my show in which among other things I answered a question about my graduate school experience at Columbia after &...

The Lunacy of Obama’s Campaign Against ISIS

19th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Scott Horton joined me today to discuss the Obama intervention against ISIS. Staying out is the only course of action that makes sense, Scott argues. ...

The State of Freedom in Canada 2014

18th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

I talked to Redmond Weissenberger of Mises Canada today about health care, government growth, political correctness, and more. Have a listen! Get a co...

Photography Is Not a Crime

17th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Today I talked to Carlos Miller, creator of and author of The Citizen Journalist’s Photography Handbook, about monito...

Arguments for the State Don’t Work

16th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Today I spoke once again to Michael Huemer, a professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of The Problem of Political ...

Rockwell and Woods on Rothbard, the Man and His Work

15th September 2014      by: Tom Woods     

I spoke to Lew Rockwell of and the Mises Institute today about the life and work of Murray Rothbard, about whom I had not yet devoted ...

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