The Real Economic News

19th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Today I spoke with Robert Wenzel of the indispensable site We talk about the Fed, inflation, the BRICs, the housing market,...

What Was It Like to Work for Ron Paul?

18th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Ron Paul’s legislative director, Norm Singleton, tells stories you’ve never heard before about working for Ron Paul, the forces he was up ...

My Conversation with Ron Paul: Current and Future Plans, and Much Else

14th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

I talked to Ron Paul on my show today and asked him some of the questions you guys raised when I solicited them on my Facebook page. Have a listen! An...

Take Your “Miss Me Yet?” Sign and Stick It

13th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Anthony Gregory and I discuss the George W. Bush record. Have a listen! Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show on iTunes or Stitcher and get a free, commute-...

The Guy Ron Paul Hired to Work on Monetary Policy

12th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Yeah, you want to listen to that guy. I talked to Paul-Martin Foss, now executive director of the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Bankin...

Should ISIS Be an Exception to Nonintervention?

11th August 2014      by: Tom Woods     

Even self-described noninterventionists are insisting that this time the U.S. military can finally put things right. This time the humanitarian case i...

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