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MoonPixlar: All-in-One Graphics App for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers

If you’re like me, you need lots of designs — banners, social media graphics, Facebook ads, logos, and business cards, just for starters — but you have no design skills to speak of. (In my case, that’s a laughable understatement.) That means you have to outsource every single one of these, and as you and I know, that adds up fast.

MoonPixlar is about to make our lives a whole lot easier, not to mention cheaper.

With 1200 templates to get you started, all you need to do is select one, add your text, customize it the way you like it, and you’re done! You have a perfect Facebook fan page cover, banner, or whatever other kind of graphic you need, in just seconds. No more hours spent in frustration trying to design graphics yourself, and no more hundreds of dollars for every image you need. And believe me, I’ve spent that.

MoonPixlar is drag-and-drop simple.

Imagine being able to create, instantly:

  • BannersMoonPixlar-App-Mock
  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Infographics
  • Blog post graphics
  • Email header graphics
  • Website headers
  • Facebook fan page covers
  • Facebook posts
  • Flyers
  • Ad images
  • Google+ posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Pinterest pins
  • Custom graphics
  • You name it…

Leave the darkness of your design past behind as an awful memory never to be revisited, and join me in the brilliant light of MoonPixlar.

And check out these great bonuses, if you order through our link!

Bonus #1: 500 Premium Background Images


Bonus #2: Pinterest Perfection


Bonus #3: 27 Eye-Catching Facebook Ad Images


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