Stand With Walter

This page accompanies my video about Walter Block:

For background on what’s happening to Walter Block at Loyola University New Orleans, click here. Then we have this letter from some Loyola faculty members, and this entirely predictable letter from the university president, Fr. Kevin Wildes.

Meanwhile, every one of Walter’s views is traceable to the nonaggression principle: that it is morally wrong to initiate physical force against any peaceful person.

Here are Walter’s response and my response to the New York Times.

Email the university president, Fr. Wildes, at Walter would like to receive copies of any letters. He can be reached via the contact page at

UPDATE: Walter is asking that you also copy the following people, the faculty members who denounced him in the student paper:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; And copy, the letters desk at the student paper.

Oh, and here’s the lecture Walter gave when the cowards were too afraid to debate him:

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