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More on Ron Paul’s “Extreme” Positions

I designed this short resource page to accompany the video I made about a Mother Jones article called “Ron Paul’s 15 Most Extreme Positions.”

On the war on drugs, see my “Futility and the War on Drugs”:

On the Federal Reserve and the U.S. economy, see this article and this article, as well as the relevant portion of this resource page I prepared.  See also my “Learn Austrian Economics” resource page.

On antitrust, there is an embarrassment of riches.  To get a taste of the true history of antitrust, read “The Antitrust Economists’ Paradox.”  For more, consult Dominick Armentano’s books Antitrust and Monopoly: Anatomy of a Policy Failure and Antitrust: The Case for Repeal.  Or read any of these articles.

For a critique of the perfect competition model on which the logic of antitrust is based, see (among other sources) chapter XI of Milton Shapiro’s Foundations of the Market Price System (available online), chapter 10 of Murray N. Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State: A Treatise on Economic Principles (available online), and George Reisman’s article “Platonic Competition.”

On Ron Paul’s views on the environment, see Murray N. Rothbard’s “Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution.”

On health care, see Vijay Boyapati’s “What’s Really Wrong with the Healthcare Industry.”

On civil rights, see Thomas Sowell’s extraordinary book Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality?

On the census, here is Ron Paul in his own words.

For more on these and other subjects, see this other refutation of the Mother Jones article.  See also my book Rollback, which refutes many of the myths on which the Mother Jones article is based.

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  • ImALibertarian

    Right as usual Mr. Woods.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Hanson/1768396844 Dustin Hanson

    Sir, you need your own show on Fox News. Not because Fox News is good, but only because of the sizable right-wing audience. Or maybe you should try to get on the Dylan Ratigan show. Regardless, you’re an excellent defender of common sense and you need more exposure.

  • Jan

    Fox News perhaps, Dylan Ratigan – I really hope not – Mr. Woods doesn ‘t need D.R..  Tom Woods could teach DR a lot about making a point without shredding your opponent to bits.  One never wins a debate with dehumanizing and oppressive tactics.   The truth speaks for itself and is recognized by people with a desire to learn the truth, thus one never needs to resort to behavior that amounts to obliteration of your opponent in front of lots of people, just because _______ (fill in the blank – it is never a good reason).   I think Tom Woods is in a position to choose the commentators that try to raise the level of conversation and thus humanity.

  • Brian Perz

    Why the heck would Dr. Woods want a show on fox news. He would be better served with a show on RT or….well any station other than Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc. I understand wanting Dr. Woods to get more exposure, as anyone should, but I would think that Dr. Woods probably enjoys writing more than T.V. I’m sure by now the opportunity cost of exchanging his leisure time with his family outweighs any T.V. show. Perhaps if Dr. Woods could occasionally guest host or Guest Co Host with Judge Napolitano, that would definitely rock something awesome.

  • Ryan Bell

    This was the most left-wing crushing video I have seen in a LONG time. You went through all of the points, you were fair, you elaborated on all of them in great detail, you provided numerous facts for each, and even went out of your way to further elaborate with this page. If you feel the urge to do another video of this style, regardless of context or content, I will definitely spread it around the net like I have with this one. Dr. Woods, you are a gentlemen and a scholar, and none of the MSM networks deserves you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1089480003 Eric Isaac Schleien

    This is brilliant

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BC6FHDWT24Q2SALIFLKMZJBO3M Zee Zee

    Definitely his own show.  I think Judge Napolitano is pretty good, but I think Tom Woods would be like 5 times better i think, no disrespect to the Judge.  Woods knows the academic literature and he appears to have read the appropriate comprehensive books which deal with these issues.  He could even debate with people on his show

  • Anonymous

    Common sense has morphed into uncommon stupidity and wastfulness. This guy can’t miss the bullseye.

  • Anonymous

    Common sense has morphed into uncommon stupidity and wastfulness. This guy can’t miss the bullseye.

  • Patriot Rodney

    I’m a new Tom Woods’ fan!!! Tom could take Glenn Beck’s spot after Glenn leaves Fox this fall. I LOVE Glenn’s TV show on FOX. Don’t care so much for his radio program though. Glenn connects the dots better than anyone I know AND PUTS IT IN CONTEXT. Great research. Great information. I wish Glenn all the best and hope he starts his own cable network like the ‘O’. Maybe Glenn could call it ‘OMG’ (Official Media by Glenn). Just a thought.

    From what I’ve seen and heard, Tom would be my #1 pick to fill Glenn’s shoes.

  • madashell

    Very impressive video sir. Hadn’t heard of you before, but I will seek you out for your excellent ability to cut to the chase………….by the way, I like Ron Paul anyway…………….Ron and Rand Paul are more intelligent by themselves than the rest of Congress as a whole.

  • Anonymous

    Wow so you provide literature to back up all of your views, that must mean they are correct. I have a book for you along those lines, on white supremacy see “Mein Kampf.”

  • http://twitter.com/nevergonedrum nevergonedrum

    I like a lot of what Mother Jones has to say and like Obama overall, but I really enjoy Ron Paul’s challenge of the systems we have in place right now.  What really impressed was that he resisted falling into step with the Bush regime on privacy (against the Patriot Act) and the Iraq [non-]War (along with Afghakistan).  He is straight line and doesn’t switch positions as the tide flows.  In this, he beats the standard Repubs and Dems hands-down.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    When did I say my providing some links makes me correct? Please show me. You made up this ludicrous claim.

    The rest of your argument runs:

    (1) Woods uses evidence.
    (2) Hitler also used evidence.
    (3) We should be skeptical of evidence.


  • Anonymous

    Actually I tried to delete the message cause it didnt come out right. My bad!

  • Jgravesgeterdone

    what happened to hemp??? Ask the oil people … They call it a drug

  • Anonymous

    You linked to articles by Murray Rothbard who is considered an extreme anarcho capitalist. How does that show Ron Paul’s views are not extreme?

    You link to an article by Vijay Boyapati on health care reform which claims that “any state action must ultimately resort to the use or threat of aggression.” If you actually were familiar with health care reform you would know that the penalty for not purchasing a health insurance policy is non-existent.

    Thomas Sowell’s positions on civil rights are extreme. His positions tend to have little basis in reality. He likes to simply make up facts. For example, look up any article in which he claims that a tax cut increases revenue.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    Talk about missing the point!  I am not saying Ron Paul’s views are this or that just because smart people agree with him.  I am including these links not for any such purpose, as was obvious to all the non-hostile visitors I’ve had.  I am including them simply so people can read about Ron Paul’s views for themselves, instead of being driven away from them by the MSM smear “extreme.”  When was Madeleine Albright ever called “extreme” for saying half a million dead Iraqi kids was “worth it”?  Some people might actually consider that an even worse offense than, say, questioning the conventional wisdom on antitrust.
    Rothbard was enormously knowledgeable about a great many things.  That you would want to dismiss him and keep people from reading him on the grounds that he is “extreme” says a lot about you, and about the thought controllers I am addressing.
    I encourage everyone to read Vijay’s article, and see for themselves who the knowledgeable person is.
    I don’t care if you use the Owellian word “extreme” to describe Sowell.  Facts are facts.  Refute him.  Don’t just give me this p.c. “extreme” nonsense.
    Even if Sowell happened to be wrong about tax cuts and revenue (and I haven’t read what he’s written on this), how would that discredit the points in his Civil Rights book, a book I guarantee you have not read?
    Yours is precisely the attitude I was targeting in the video.  Ooooh!  Be careful, citizen!  These people are “extreme!”  Don’t actually explain their views or treat people with respect.  Just apply the demonizing word “extreme” to them, and hope people stay far away.  Gee, nice attitude.
    Meanwhile, the so-called “mainstream” are the extreme ones, by any sensible definition.  But you are OK with Romney and Clinton.  It is the dissidents you want to target.  Well, some of us dissidents have some pretty good arguments, and thanks to the Internet people will encounter them, no matter what the thought controllers — who substitute “extreme!” for actual arguments — would like to see.

  • http://federalexpression.wordpress.com/ federalexpression

    You are the man! Direct, intelligent and funny. Well spoken, very persuasive and clearly interested in the public good. I enjoy all your work.

  • gregroberts

    Rothbard is extreme because he believes all interaction among individuals should be voluntary and rejects the use of force and Obama is not extreme because he believes he can murder US citizens suspected of terrorism.

    Look up Andrew Mellon in regard to tax cuts increasing revenue. 

  • karno

    so much common sense and raw intelligence supportive of Paulian principles offered space through dear Mother!…..better check the filters mum…

  • mayhap

    I’d like to see some more information on your comments on the disability act. That disabled in the work force plummeted after the act is quite damning.

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