Family and professional obligations, as well as the sheer number of inquiries I receive, make it impossible for me to reply to each comment, but I do read them all.

Please understand that with five young children, on top of balancing many other things, it is impossible for me to offer critiques of articles people send me.  I would love to help, but something has to give.

If you have questions on history or economics, I recommend joining Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom, where (in addition to our top-notch content) you’ll have access not just to me but also to five other knowledgeable professors.

If you’re having trouble viewing the site, you’re probably using Internet Explorer 6. A more up-to-date version of Internet Explorer, or another browser (like Firefox), should solve the problem.

UPDATE, May 2013: I’m afraid it is impossible for me to answer questions at this point. I need to record 180 lectures for each of several courses I am developing for the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. That would be a tall order even without the other things I need to do each day. If I am to see my children, something has to give. I am sure you understand. I occasionally answer questions on my Facebook page. For speaking invitations, please click here.

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