Woods and Molyneux on Occupy Wall Street

Stefan Molyneux and I take on the Occupy Wall Street protests.

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  • Leeboyd

    “Tickled pink as a pony”?  lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BR53HBDRYJBFAON72CFPFGFD5Q Parker

    Bottom line and what the OWS people need to understand is that what we should be fighting for today is an amendment to the Constitution added to the Bill of Rights that creates a wall of separation between the Economy and the State. Such an act that eliminates cronyism, eliminates the Fed, eliminates all State intervention in the economy. Maybe something like…

    Amendment 28 – Freedom of Commerce

    Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of commercial activity; or abridging the freedom of commercial activity, or of the marketplace; or the right of the people peaceably to exchange and transact goods and services in good faith, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances of fraud or collusion.

  • Qyvsamuc

    You laissez-fairists are really hilarious. I mean, when you’re not delusional. According to you, for example, if we repeal all of our labour legislation, the “free market” will provide us with safe workplaces. What about asbestos, the Triangle fire, construction workers who built New York and fell to their deaths because all they where provided with was a helmet, coal miners, exploitation in third world mines and oil reserves, etc? The profit motive CAUSED these deaths, and will continue to do so unless it’s severely restrained.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pravin-Varma/774306564 Pravin Varma

    the US was  a third world country when the helmeted workers were building NY.do you understand anything about tradeoffs?
    countries and people with lower capital have to settle for more dangerous work -because their other choices are starvation or death.
    the wealthier society becomes,it can start bothering about quality of life,air,safety ,uh -paid daycare or whatever thing that appeals to you. it wasnt the govt that caused a movement towards such measures,it was the increasing wealth in the society.

    have you noticed how earthquakes in rich countries(chile eg) kill less people than those hitting poor countries(haiti eg)?. it is because chileans are now prosperous enough to demand better quality construction and not because some chilean bureaucrat ordered that better building codes be implemented.chileans can demand it while haitians cannot.because the option for haitians is homelessness .
    if you bleeding heart socialists could understand that the world we live in full of scarcity and tradeoffs,you could start to understand why the first world solutions dont fit third world countries.
    similarly when you accuse sweatshops of exploiting vietnamese of accusing the poorest indians of promoting child labor -consider their alternatives? starvation and death. something i suspect,you’d prefer -given that you’d prefer to eliminate poverty by legislation or death

  • Michael Ray

    Nice post Pravin, you silly advocate of freedom. Gosh I can’t believe you. Just like the hong kong sweat shops that the chinese were trying to climb fences just to get into back 70s. Thankfully someone passed a prosperity law at some point and then “pooof” hong kong became a better place. 

  • http://twitter.com/philoec Nora Smith

    At this moment who understands trade offs more than the greedy governments alone? The truth of the present American society is very complicated because the politicians made it that way. The only clear situation everyone can see is that America has gone back to the Progressive era where the powerful is the only fitted to continue devouring society while the less fortunate, the poor needs to be, not only denied assistance, but eliminated. Yeah, if we as citizens do not take into our hands the future of our nation who’ll do it? We’ll be a third-world country and this nation is too good to be in that position. Pride is not good and this nation has grown too prideful.
    Ron Paul 2012 -for he is the only honest man who wants America to be the compassionate nation founded on Christian roots.

  • Mike

    .Good post. It shows the stupidity of the “legislate everything” argument. It would be nice if simply writing a name on a piece of paper would all of the sudden make everyone equal while we held hands and sang but its not that simple. I do wonder about some people’s mental state believing such stupidity. A person with an internet connection has NO EXCUSE to be as ignorant as Qyvsamuc.

  • Paharris

    Would this mean that all government subsidies would be withdrawn? Would this mean that the US military will no longer be at the beck-and-call of Big Oil..as well as letting them extract the “peoples” resources from US territory and then sell it on the world market? Or companies like Solyndra  being picked as a “winner” by the government.? Would it also mean that the government will no longer subsidize Big Pharm for R&D measures? Sond like a good start, if that is indeed the case…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1611515740 Paul Charles Harrison

    I am not a Libertarian…Nor am I a Democrat or a Republican…I am a person who tries to avoid being constrained by pure ideology…That being said, Tom Woods is making a lot of sense in this exchange with Stefan Molyneux…If we all listen to each other, and suss out the good ideas from the bad, we may be able to put together a combination of ideas and actions that will benefit the most people in the most beneficial manner…

  • Hope

    I’m glad this discussion mentions that the corporations don’t mind regulations.  Free market would not have the government sanctioning corporations.  An exception could be made for large projects such as bridges or canals, etc.  This is how it was in the beginning of our country.  Corporatism is not free market.

    Regulations hurt the mom and pop businesses.

  • Hope

    If the investors were totally liable (not just the amount of their investment) then they would make sure the businesses were safer.  The government shouldn’t protect them by incorporating them.

  • http://www.barrypopik.com Barry Popik

    The “double the budget” quote is from Galbraith in 1965:
        Google News Archive5 August 1975, Lakeland (FL)Ledger, “Money Solves Some Problems” by William Buckley, pg. 6A, col. 6:The crisis in New York City has caused some pain to some people and will cause greater pain to more people as the clouds gradually part and the public realizes that all the Democratic rhetoric in town cannot create money out of hot air. Whar one really shouldn’t have to suffer is the nostrums seriously proferred by men whose ignorance of New York affairs is that critical step behind their ongoing afflatus to inform us how we could remedy the situation easily — by taxing the rich. As usual, professor John Kenneth Galbraith, perhaps because of his great stature, is the leader of this school.  The Good Lord provided me with a miserable memory save the pronouncements of Professor Galbraith, which stick in the mind as if attached there by industrial staplers. When I was running for mayor of New York in 1965, the Professor made the statement that there was “nothing” New York suffered from that couldn’t be “cured” by “doubling its budget.” Well, New York proceeded to raise even Mr. Galbraith’s ante. It tripled the budget. Ten years after making this statement, Professor Galbraith was asked last week what he would do to help solve the problem. He answered: “I think it’s fair to say that no problem associated with New York City could not be solved by providing more money.”

  • http://twitter.com/americanpirates Aaron

    @Qyvsamuc, not saying you are going to have a sudden conversion. But you would do well to consider the pressumptions that you make about the “evil” past. Also, dare to look back to the 1200s (deeper into history). I’m sure you, like I, was taught that everyone in the evil past was working in mines all day and digging for worms (as Tom Woods jokes). Perhpas these cliches are not accurate?

  • https://openid.org/kjmonkey Joseph

    i came across an interesting sign idea for the OWS people. how about a sign that says “join the 99% who have donated to their first political campaign ever: Ron Paul!”

    it seems to be a common theme from comments on the “black this out” moneybomb.