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Will Computers Kill Gun Control?

28th January 2013      by: Tom Woods     

3-D printers, which would make it possible for people to produce guns (and many other things) in their own homes, may make firearm restrictions impossible to enforce.

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  • Anonymous

    The next obvious step for them is to ban the evil 3d assault printers.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot print a working chamber from a 3D printer. Even the barrel is a tough one, that all has to be well forged metal.

  • Z

    Yes, but the point is some parts of the gun are regulated and others are not. You can just make the unregulated parts. And you also have to talk about how many shots you want it to take. You could create a gun that is virtually guaranteed to go off a few times, after which you throw it away and make another one before the gun breaks or misfires. That’s the general idea right now.

  • Evgeny

    The damage from gun-control goes far beyond just citizens that will have weapon anyway.

    Most of the damage will be done on law-abiding citizens, which will have to comply with a law even they would never support particular bill.

    If you are asking “is it easy to get the illegal weapon?” – yes it is.
    Will it help you defend your civil rights – just partially.

    You still will be able to fight back criminals, but then will spend rest of your life in prison for self-defense with illegal weapon.

  • devo

    i think were a while away from printing guns that can sustain the shock of multiple firings. even if where not, they can ban 3d printers lol.

  • http://Liberal-Fascism.Com/ John Tagliaferro

    For something a little more immediately useful, you can pay for your bar tab with the next gun buyback in your area: http://wouldyoulikeborderswiththatsocialism.blogspot.com/2013/01/zip-gun-arbitrage.html

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