What Ron Paul Could Ask Herman Cain

I’d like to see him wiggle out of this one.

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  • Erik

    Ron Paul is not clueless about Islamic doctrine. See: http://www.slideshare.net/anarcholibertarian/why-do-they-hate-us

  • Erik

    The message is getting out. That is why there was a partial audit of the Fed after all of these years, and 67% of the people polled said they favor auditing the Fed on a regular basis.

  • Brian

    I agree.  Ron Paul should have at least filed articles of impeachment for the Libya intervention.  He still can.  It wouldn’t go anywhere, but it would get a huge amount of attention and really set him apart from the others.  

    He’s not running for office in the House again, so he might as well go all out on the constitutional argument that the president does not have unilateral authority to initiate military campaigns.  It would be a home run argument, with the framing and ratification history on his side.  Americans are exhausted by the foreign interventions and would probably welcome a refreshing, constitutional stance by Ron.

    I share some of Larry’s frustrations.

  • Andrew913s

    Thought everyone would want to laugh at the part where they recommend people to put their money in Savings Bonds.  Anyone want to guess what percentage they use for the example?    5%  
    Also their is a real rich part in the back where they talk about how the central bank opened regional banks so that the public would have more accountability. 

  • Carl Cress

    Mr. Woods – you are brilliant voice of rational eloquence in an otherwise often murky world of rhetorical flimflam. Oh that Ron Paul had your “gift of gab”. Don’t get me wrong – I love the good Doctor; I am a strong supporter of his ideas. In fact, that is one of the main things I admire about him. It’s all about the ideas, not some cult of personality. However sometimes his elocution in articulating the precepts of the free market, the constitutional position of issues and concepts of liberty are not that fluent. And that unfortunately can detract from the message.

  • Carl Cress

    LOL – that was awesome!

  • Carl Cress

    Whoa Larry – you would throw the baby out with the bathwater? I understand some of your frustration (see my post above) but you would prefer a cult of personality, style over substance? Give me a statesman whose eloquence is less than perfect but whose integrity is rock solid and proven by his record, rather than a sliver-tongued devil (which Cain really isn’t) or flimflam artist (which he is) any day. Let me ask a question – whom would you then entrust to support?

  • Carl Cress

    might as well vote for Obama – the result would be the same.