Walter Williams to Testify on Nullification

On March 19, Kent Masterson Brown will testify before the South Carolina General Assembly on nullifying Obamacare. The next day, he will be joined by Walter Williams, and both of them will testify regarding the constitutionality of nullification before the judiciary committee. This will be a YouTube to watch for.

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  • Clint

    Tom, do you know if there’s ever been a nullification bill that actually established the policy needed to interpose against the unlawful federal act being nullified?

  • Anonymous

    Walter Williams, one of the people primarily responsible for my interest in economics. I used to read his columns in the OC Register in the early 90’s.

  • Franklin

    Walt is quite an amazing man.
    Although I don’t tune in, I understand he subs for Rush Limbaugh sometimes. Perplexing, although I suppose any avenue to advance the libertarian view is a justifiable one.

  • ABT

    Tom, I just listened to a “debate” you had on NPR back in 2010 with a prof from Duke about state nullification.

    Let me just say, I now COMPLETELY understand why you did interview with a zombie… makes so much sense….

    It was so upsetting and infuriating that I literally had to get up from my desk and walk around for 10min at work. I don’t know how you stay so patient, but bless you for doing so.

  • Yeah

    If I had a black grandfather….it would be Walter Williams.