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The Myth of Austerity

3rd December 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Philipp Bagus exposes it.

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    Yet look at the agreement we find in this country sustaining this dumb idea. Thinking has never really achieved a damn thing has it?

    You should be able to identify with this; look at his education, then look at all around him and their education and this is only the beginning of such an agreement. Then look at the education he passes around to all others and what effects of such a training method becomes the visual by effect? Deep enormous agreement for very poor ideology?

    Then we take the opposition yet to produce a sustaining results, yet to find enough Agreement to provide any good results and tell each other this is the way and what we see is this education and this type of agreement running ramped in another idea yet to produce. In fact it can be shown beyond all reasonable doubt that all effects by all causing is simply agreement into and idea or direction of the basic idea.

    But here is the fascinating part, if you point it out the trained will consistently deny it exists over and over and over. Thus all poor agreement lives in the past and never achieves the present.

    Keep calling me stupid and out of my mind, yet I am in today and I have tested other ideas that have produced and when put up against the old ideas the comparison becomes blatantly different results. But I should question me because of all the agreement unable to look and see it?

    This is what Paul Krugman wants me to agree to, that I am crazy so do not challenge the status quo or as I call it the well educated/well trained of our societies past.

    Where the hell did all our education come from the past or the now? I am betting most all came from yesterday and before, yet to date has not produced truly sustaining communities. But hey we must believe it is possible right? and only the degreed are able to show us the way correct? This is the biggest lie we live every single day and the agreements on this earth simply proof in the pudding.

    Our best solution for one another is to STOP all old training methods and develop present living education practices. Yes there are old ideas that are applicable but they can only be lived in the now to present the results and not of history. All new ideas are generate today and all old ideas where create yesterday and all results or effects are from old causes and not new ones.

    So get over all the miss spelling, and all your trained piss ass grammar and see what the message of today is or continue the OLD habits of yesterday and yesterday will persist I assure you. A message from the here and now delivered.

  • pro


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    Point well expressed, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    “Thinking has never really achieved a damn thing has it?”

    In your case that could be true.

    “This is what Paul Krugman wants me to agree to, that I am crazy ”
    Not much of a Krugman fan but he could be on to something there.

  • Johnr

    You guys are being too hard on William. This post makes sense
    to me. Basically, the current education system is based on old
    ideas and now serves more to indoctrinate people rather than to actually
    educate them.

    William, I’d say you’d have better luck getting people to listen to you if you tried to be more brief. Also, avoid extreme exaggerations like “Thinking has never really achieved a damn thing has it?”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    Coming from you this would not surprise me and you might reflect Krugman’s stupidology.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    Johnr that is tough because I pretty much live it out at the moment and express what is taking place in me, It is what it is at the moment. I dont know that I focus on getting people to listen as much as I share that moment I am having, they are either curious or they are not. I dont control them I only control me.

    Thank you for getting it and being curious enough.

    Also I am not exaggerating thinking, many prove this point all the time to me right here.

  • Anonymous

    Stream of consciousness type of writing?

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