The Malware Problem

Some of you have reported receiving warnings about malware at this site. I can assure you that the best in the business has certified the site as 100% clean. It can take Google (and browsers) up to 10 hours to acknowledge this. That is where we stand right now.

This was the second such attack this week. Every vulnerability has been addressed and every password changed. It should not happen again. Thanks for all the alerts people sent (though I assure you I was aware of the problem before anyone).

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  • Anonymous

    Yep, got it again just a minute ago. Glad it’s taken care of.

  • Jeff

    It’s funny (maybe even ironic) to receive a warning about a malicious website while attempting to read the Malware piece.

  • jaffi411

    Poor Bob Murphy had to be my intermediary to you.  I really have to give him props, he comes through every time, even though his fans (like me) can often be a burden. I cannot help but feel that I can be a pain in his arse (I don’t mean to).

    I really should cut him more slack, he’s got enough on his plate as it is.  I think that will be my belated New Year’s resolution:  ease off on the emails to the Murph.

  • Tom Woods

    Thanks. I appreciate it. Rest assured, though, that I am aware of the problem long before Bob or anyone else contacts me.

  • jaffi411

    That is certainly good to know.  Just like most anybody else who comes to your blog, I was just a concerned patron.  If anything of this sort ever happens again (let’s hope it doesn’t), then I will be confident in the fact that Tom Woods is on the case.  

  • Lou Bjostad

    FYI, I visit this site every morning, and I never experienced any malware issues at all.