The Disappearing YouTube

My wife is trying to upload a video from her Droid to YouTube. She goes to her gallery, selects the video, and then from the share menu chooses YouTube. She then enters the video info and clicks “Upload.” The phone tells her the upload is complete. However, the video is absolutely nowhere to be found. She is not even prompted to enter information about her YouTube channel. It simply says “public for ____,” where ____ is her email address. The phone absolutely assures her the video has been uploaded, but no search will call it up, and YouTube insists there is no such video.

(Also, even if she had a YouTube channel, which I went ahead and created for her, she’s never given the option to enter the information for it.)

Surely we are not doing anything wrong, since this should be a matter of a few simple steps, so does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Corey Phelan

    I always put the video onto my computer first and than upload it to youtube. That was with my Droid 2, but I remember having problems with the same issue.

  • guest

    (Also, even if she had a YouTube channel, which I went ahead and created for her, she’s never given the option to enter the information for it.)

    Maybe her video is public, but her YouTube account is not.

  • judas priest

    My only guess is that whatever way you are accessing youtube(browsers,apps) is for some reason bypassing the step of logging into youtube which it sounds like you need. I would try different browsers and apps, but really it’s just my best guess.

  • Anonymous

    Her Droid uses her Gmail account registration to download apps from the app store. She may need to link her ‘Google/Gmail’ account with a Youtube account to make it work.

  • Adam

    Videos can take a while to show up on YouTube. Also search for the username or email address in YouTube to find the video.

  • Anonymous

    Check the google account settings and make sure that’s the right channel, and of course keep in mind it can take awhile to process. Even if you’re logging in and looking for the video on the computer it may not show up there quite yet.
    Otherwise just retry.

  • esfi4

    Can she access HER account from her phone and view her playlists, subscriptions etc? Try this from both the app and the Droid’s native browser. If yes then upload a video from another source such as your PC. If this is successful then double-check that the Droid is able to view the new video from either the browser or the dedicated YouTube app . Once you determine that the account is indeed fully functional and uploads are not a problem, you can safely determine that it’s the phone, meaning either the browser on the phone, the app or a wifi issue. Okay, now to the YouTube app you’re using. Yes the choice of app actually matters. Try a test upload. If this fails try another YouTube client.