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States vs. the Drug War

6th December 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Over at Huffington Post, Anthony Gregory writes:

Obama won in 2008 promising a different approach to drug policy. He then escalated the medical marijuana raids, sent Marines to Guatemala, beefed up the notorious Byrne drug task forces through stimulus spending, and with tiny exceptions continued to enforce a drug policy that has resulted in immense human tragedy, civil liberties violations, and tens of thousands deaths in Mexico.

This year, some hopefuls speculated that Obama would finally push for reform in a second term. Yet even if Obama does the right thing with respect to Colorado and Washington, we should remember that it was not the federal government that took the lead in scaling back this awful federal crusade. Individuals, voters, and local officials made it happen through non-compliance, civil disobedience, and nullification. Thank goodness, for it is about time someone took a stand against this nightmare.

Read “States Thumb Their Noses at the Drug War.”

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  • NJDave

    This article made me think of “interview with a zombie”.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, HuffPo just ran an article supporting nullification. Mark this date.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    This all sounds inviting and I wish it were true that states were simply standing up against Federal authority but lets look at the state of Washington for a moment and ask ourselves. Like the Federal Government the state of Washington has spending problem, it is as out of control as the federal Government and does not stay within the limits of its own Constitution. It also does not balance its budget without stealing from other accounts it deems as unnecessary only these accounts were payed into by certain groups for certain purposes, thus the act of theft is appropriately defined.

    The war on drugs has been an expense in the state they would rather see removed and they have recognized and opportunity to tax cannabis and increase its spending potential.

    So what is the true reason for this so called defiance? Washington state also has several of its former Washington authorities now working for Federal Government (interesting). They have no inside information that they could get away with this do they?

    But lets look at intent, what is the intent for this choice? CASH and spending and not Independence, not less authority and false laws and is as corrupt as this Federal Government.

    These are the parts of the story I have viewed first hand and I left that state for that reason, it is out of control to a degree that is down right scary. It is so connected to Federal Government it is even scarier yet this part of the story is not told and there is this giant bunch jumping on a band wagon of false information because it is not nullification driving this in Washington state, yet it is being used in this manner.

    There is no focus for the purpose of Life in our states and large degrees of people running to any cause they can get their hands on that serves them only and the big picture is simply side tracked.

    I believe what we are seeing is a test to see and measure the income potential again at the expense of the people, I also see large amounts of agreement for this because taxing Cannabis would then keep taxes at the present levels for them but what they do not realize is those who spend and do not produce will only dream up other ways to spend and other ways to tax. It is their habit, a part of their every day life and we are not getting to the source of the problem, we are actually being side tracked and tested right now without your own knowledge.

    You think you are making progress while in fact a bunch of insiders pretend to promote your idea while they put something else in place to support their habit.

    You can call me a lier or you can go investigate what I am saying and if you see these same connections I would regroup and consider the correct source to nullify.

    I was working on other efforts when I recognized we will not make headway in this state and looked the why that is. I decided rather than waste all my time I would go to another state that seemed far more user friendly (yet to be totally determined) but I feel far less limited every day where I am. That is encouraging but I have looked at the tax rates here and the spending an it is very questionable.

    What cannabis can do for our country is enormous for our total sustainment but as long as the controllers of the universe manipulate all of you will it only be used as a tax potential for non producing to spend others money and that is all it will amount to and pretend nullification will only pretend we did anything.

  • Patrick

    I don’t care where agreement comes from. This is just like what RP says about “coalitions.” If left-leaning HuffPo is willing to give a nod to the notion of nullification, that’s true progress. The opposite of Orwellian “ThinkProgress” :)

  • Citizen

    Washington and Colorado haved seceded from the Union in terms Fed drug policy.
    This may be the beginning of something bigger.
    A Tax Revolt?

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