States Held in Unions Against Their Will?

In the forums at my Liberty Classroom, a subscriber asks faculty member Brion McClanahan:

Watching your lectures at Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom and am seeking other examples of sovereign political bodies forced to remain in a union.  Khrushchev forced Hungary to remain in USSR in 1956 so I often ask others if he shouldn’t be heralded as a hero too, along with Lincoln, given that Lincoln’s stated purpose was to maintain the Union, not abolish slavery. A war waged by the U.N. to keep a departing member in that body is another (hypothetical) example. Are there any other examples you know of that might also help me make this point?

Brion gives him a heck of an answer.

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  • Franklin

    And it truly was an excellent answer.
    Further, there is implied pathos, as Mr. McClanahan reflects on the experiment’s roots, “…no American should champion imperialism at home or abroad. Simply put, imperialism and centralization are un-American.”

    How far we’ve sadly come. For the average man on the street residing in… oh, pick a country, the nouns would be synonymous with the nation today, with a few choice obscenities thrown in for good measure..

  • JT


  • Efrem

    One can look back at the wars of Independence in Latin America. Spain tried to hold on to its empire, but was too weak after it was occupied by Napoleon.

  • Jeremy

    Tom. You’re the man! Where would we be without you? Keep the great info coming.

    I just don’t see why people think succession is some horrible or evil act. I know they like to mention “slavery” and “neoconfederate” but why do they think a person MUST be racist to want to secede from tyranny? It’s just nuts.

  • Anonymous

    Careful, it’s “secession” not “succession”. Sorry for the nitpick, but better from me than a bad guy….

  • Jeremy

    Heh, yeah I know. My typing stinks anyway. Sometimes my fingers just do what they want. :P

  • Anonymous

    Funny that the Romans thought the Scots were barbarians because they couldn’t be conquered in the highlands. Strangely reminiscent of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

  • Todd Shoenfelt

    Are there examples of women being forced to remain in marriages with an abusive husband…?