See You in Houston, then (Near) Des Moines

I’ve been added to the roster of the Mises Circle in Houston this Saturday at the last minute. Hope to see you there!

Then, on Monday the 16th, I’ll be speaking on nullification in Waukee, Iowa (near Des Moines). Details here.

I’m also speaking in Cedar City, Utah, on January 21. That’s a fundraiser, and tickets need to be purchased in advance. Details here.

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  • Bill

    The Mises Circle just got more loaded than it already was. Great line-up.

  • Greg

    “…on Monday the 16th, I’ll be speaking on nullification in Waukee, Iowa…” you mean “…on Monday the 16th, I’ll be trying to sell as many of my books as possible in Waukee, Iowa…”

  • Tom Woods

    So I won’t be speaking after all?

    In your experience, have you found it radically out of the ordinary for authors to bring books to engagements with them, or do you know of publishers who ask their authors not to bring any?

  • Greg

    well, its all very convenient for Woods.  

    the thing is that lately i have come to regard the “libertarian industry” (cato, mises etc) as just another industry.  there are some people who like libertarian ideas and it seems that a cottage industry has grown up around this fact.  this cottage industry pumps out books, expensive summer schools and public events and sucks in quite a bit of donation money both from billionaires (Koch brothers etc.) and the common proletariat like me.  trade is always good but to what extent is Woods motivated by selling books and to what extent is he motivated simply by the intellectual merits of libertarianism?  

    i guess its an ultra-cynical view that i have but i can’t stop thinking that Woods and other members of the libertarian industry are somehow just feeding my appetite for libertarian ideas.  there is something not quite right about this, i am not sure what it is though… are they taking me down the wrong path?!  something fishy…

  • CyanBC

    Please Mr. Woods, do not feed the trolls.
    I do with you’d do a talk in Salt Lake City, Cedar city is 6 hours away for me.

  • Tom Woods

    Yes, “convenience” is the word I’d describe for four years in undergrad, five years in a Columbia University Ph.D. program, seven years of teaching, dozens of trips away from my family every year, all in order to make the zillions of dollars authors make. (That last part is sarcasm.)

    Incidentally, if my books do you no good, don’t buy them. That’ll show me!

    (Also, people donate so students can attend those “expensive summer schools” for free.)

  • Tom Woods

    We get this kind of inane comment once in a great while and it’s so ludicrous I can’t help smashing it.

  • Joel Poindexter

    Wonderful! I was hoping they’d bring in someone after Ron Paul’s schedule filled up. I look forward to seeing you in Houston.

  • Greg

    well i would hardly call this “smashing it”.  Woods is a good salesman, in any case.

  • Tom Woods

    What part of your argument remains standing?

    Also, are there not enough free resources on this site for you?

  • Greg

    did i touch a nerve?  all i did was describe a a feeling i have.  i cannot help in having this feeling.  i thought i would post this worry of mine to see if i could get some constructive feedback.  

    i like classical liberalism but i am suspicious of fringe political movements (if they are so great then why do so few people support them???).  i guess what i am saying is that if we are so great and right, then why do so few actually share our views?  is all of this just a waste of time?  is woods just making a bit of cash from a lost cause which is doomed to come to nothing?  am i wasting my time by being interested in these things?  is cato and mises just perpetually wasting valuable resources by talking about classical liberalism?  are they in this business just to be in business?  

    Paul is not going to win, no one will listen to us.  maybe the best thing to do is to forget about all of this and concentrate on making as much money as possible from whatever the current political system is…and forget about trying to change anything…

  • Tom Woods

    Not a nerve. I simply react angrily to people making evil assumptions about me. Particularly when authors earn a pittance, as I thought everyone knew.

  • Greg

    so is selling books very important to you?

  • Tom Woods

    Any author wants to sell books. There is nothing sinister about that. But as I’ve explained on this site, essentially no one gets rich from it. That’s why I laugh every six months when someone suggests I am in “this” for the money. There are lots of things I could do and opinions I could hold that would bring in quite a bit more money.

    Again, this is so screamingly obvious to me that I can hardly believe I’m having this conversation.

    Are you saying, incidentally, that mankind would be better off without my books? If not, then what’s the point, apart from being evil?

  • Greg

    i am not saying that.  i am posing that question however.  

    what is the point of all this stuff like mises, and cato and everything else in modern libertarian industry apart from making a bit of cash for a few people and feeding a few people’s appetite for libertarian ideas.

    would it not be better for everyone involved simply to seek the best employment possible and concentrate on maximizing personal wealth and happiness instead of brooding over politics and politicians.  

    i mean libertarians do not really ad anything to the world.  if we were all of a sudden to disappear (all of the few thousand of us) would the world miss us?  or would the world simply continue as it is.

    what impact have libertarians made in the last 50 years?  have we not simply wasted a lot of time and resources for nothing?

    why is it that americans always have to reduce everything to the question of evil?

  • jacquelin

    please please come to Boston sometime soon!

  • Greg

    Good one mr. Woods.

  • Doctor Awesome


  • Chad E Nelson 1

    Amen to Boston! We love you in NewEngland. On a related note, how in the world does Boston not have a Mises circle?

  • James R. Reynolds

    Got to hear you last April in Austin at Nullify Now – can’t wait to see you again in Houston.  RON PAUL, 2012

  • James R. Reynolds

    Got to hear you last April in Austin at Nullify Now – can’t wait to see you again in Houston.  RON PAUL, 2012

  • Jeff

    Driving in from Fort Worth and looking forward to it!