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Ron Paul’s New Book

19th February 2013      by: Tom Woods     

New School Manifesto: A Libertarian Look at American Education, due out September 17.

I have seen a draft. This is the book that really launches the revolution.

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to this, though am not sure “New School Manifesto” is the best title for marketing purposes? Either way, this book is good news, can’t wait to read it!

  • Em_pty Skin

    “This is the book that really launches the revolution.”

    Oh man, I’d've guessed it was the one called “Revolution.” I’m glad Paul is still up to good.

  • P

    Did you write it, Tom?

  • J Fournier

    I wish Ron would retract the ronpaul.com dispute. If you try to bring up something Thomas Jefferson argued, chances are you will be confronted with his ownership of slaves. Well, now we have this shit to deal with if we appeal to something Ron Paul said. How could he have botched this so bad? Tom, you have not been afraid to criticize the Ron Paul insiders, but I haven’t heard your take yet on this. You said on the Peter Schiff show that it has ‘import’. Lew came out in defense, yet his ‘defense’ admits he agrees with Rothbard, not Ron Paul. Lew’s defense of Ron is basically that not all libertarians have to be pure. Well, someone could easily say that not all Republicans have to be pure, and then we get Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney. We liked Ron because we did not have to compromise. Now we have to worry about where we draw the line. THIS SUCKS! I can’t help but worry that the people who are silent about this are doing so because they are part of the new ronpaul.com. I don’t want to think that because I like Lew and you, and I’m sure you burned some bridges speaking out against Benton and Tate.

  • J Fournier

    If I were to engage in a conspiracy theory, I would be tempted to say “Ron Paul used his dispute with ronpaul.com to purposely destroy his repupatation among anarcho-capitalists and voluntaryists in order to destroy their ability to scrutinize Rand Paul.”

  • Metaldams1978

    A new Ron Paul book is always welcome with me. Reading the Amazon preview, the book seems to be more aimed at the fed, yet the title implies Education. I’m assuming this just means educating the public on monetary policy and not, say, public school education vs. home or private schooling?

    As for the whole ronpaul.com issue, I admit intellectual property is not a strong point of mine, but right or wrong, we seem to be making this too much about the man Ron Paul and not the message. Not saying we shouldn’t speak our opinions, but I think we’re at the point where this thing has become a distraction. Just my two cents.

  • Metaldams1978

    Never mind my question about this book being about education. I just hit the show more button and got more of a description. Long day at work!

  • FreemanDjango

    I would LOVE to see a revolution in public education in America because, bluntly, it SUCKS! My kids are now in college and it’s been piss poor all the way up from grade school to the university system.

    Mostly, my kids rely on YouTube to learn material such as math, physics or any of the sciences their overpaid “teachers” should be teaching and we now have the added joy of paying $200+ for the latest P.O.S. calculus textbook with pretty color pictures, even though calculus hasn’t changed for eons. (I also love how they give answers (with no explanations) to HALF the problems!)

    To me, it looks as if FAR too much money has been thrown at the education sector due to the ridiculous bargaining power of corrupt public unions in league with corrupt politicians, mostly Democrats, who aligned themselves with the unions. No one sits on the “management” side of the bargaining table and even FDR realized this was untenable. Education and its funding has been corrupted beyond hope.

    However, having said all that, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT a book (by anyone short of God) will start a true revolution, just as none of Dr. Paul’s other worthy tomes have done so. These systems (money, law, education, medicine, defense, religion, politics, etc., etc.) are all too big and far too powerful to be brought down by a book or a man. I fear it will take a complete societal collapse (seems unlikely, but possible) or we’ll just see a continuing decline into 3rd world status (and even lower, if that’s possible) forever.

    I’ll be long gone before anything happens…

  • Michael S. Alford

    As homeschoolers, we are looking forward to this book

  • Dave

    But can he really add much to the outstanding work of Marshall Fritz and John Taylor Gatto?

    I admit that, though I am childless and graduated from high school almost 25 years ago, I continue to loathe and detest government “schools” and the losers they provide jobs for more than just about anything else (maybe second only to politicians themselves). It’s beyond time to trash the whole evil enterprise and quit subjecting generations of children to these damaging moron factories.But

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    He provides an alternative. The book is not just a history. It is a way out.

  • mjrozek

    Will this book concern Classical Christian education?

  • Mike

    “….just as none of Dr. Paul’s other worthy tomes have done so.”

    Ron Paul is “The Man” but I have to agree. Most people are just too stupid and simple minded to ever “get it”. I do hope he reaches some though and not just people who are already in his camp (like me). That would be nice. Sigh, I can always hope.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    The book is about training the next generation, systematically. Even if only the choir reads it, it is likely to do tremendous good.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of negativity here, oddly. May 20th century progressive education go the way of prohibition, and be viewed similarly by the history books.

  • Joel Poindexter

    Ron Paul wasn’t too popular among a number of an/caps and voluntaryists before the dispute; he is a minarchist and therefore not pure in their eyes. Even if you’re right about that I don’t understand how destroying his reputation in their eyes prevents them from scrutinizing Rand Paul. Rand will always be under the microscope by hardcore libertarians, especially as he becomes a more prominent figure in the GOP.

  • J Fournier

    I could have phrased this better. What I meant was that Ron Paul was tough to measure up to. Lots of people compare Rand to Ron. If Ron does not look so pure, the “We can do better than Rand” argument does not have as much gusto. I doubt this was the purpose behind the ronpaul.com dispute. I was just finding another way to express my frustration.

  • JT

    Love to buy these kinds of books and place them in Airplane seat pockets

  • Wheylous

    Seriously? Almost all AnCaps I know pretty much love Ron Paul. Myself included. His last speech in Congress was pure genius.

  • Wheylous

    Do you know of any organizations actively trying to lay the foundations for an alternative, non-home-school education system that is based on voluntary interactions? I personally have a dream of writing a 12-volume series of books on the important facts you learn in school that one would actually remember. I’d love to see a libertarian group organize some sort of school that is extremely innovative.

  • ToLibertyAndBeyond

    Please tell me you and/or Ron are going to really cash in on this thing with a full home school curriculum. lol!

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