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Ron Paul: Watch the Policy, Not the Personnel

17th January 2013      by: Tom Woods     

If Obama intends to stick with his present foreign policy, it doesn’t matter who gets chosen to serve in the Cabinet, says Ron Paul:

The real problem is in placing too much emphasis on the person the president hires to carry out his foreign and defense policy, as it ignores that policy itself. If the president has decided to continue or even expand US military action overseas through more covert warfare and use of special operations forces, which seems to be the case, it will matter little who he chooses to carry out those policies. If the president decides to continue to provide support to rebels in Syria who have dubious ties to Islamic extremists, to continue to meddle in the internal affairs of countless countries overseas, to continue to refuse to even talk with Iran without preconditions, and so on, we will not see a return to foreign policy sanity no matter who occupies what position in the president’s cabinet.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have a coined a term/acronym for the people Ron Paul is talking about:

    FLPs. Politicians and bureaucrats are FLPs – Fungible Lever Pullers. I got the lever puller idea from Gerard Casey. (And it sounds better when lever rhymes with fever. :-))

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