Q&A Marathon With Schiff, Church, Woods, and More!

Be sure to head over to LibertyChat.com tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8pm ET, for a marathon of live 30-minute Q&As featuring:

8:00 Mike Church
8:30 Karen Kwiatkowski
9:00 Peter Schiff
9:30 Dan Gordon (RI legislator)
10:00 Tom Woods

Bring your questions!

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  • Kchapman

    Hey Tom
    Do you think the military vote will be suppressed, again?

  • http://twitter.com/Framus4 Eric Terwill

     Ken, we should all urge the troops to start getting their ducks in a row now. To make sure they send in their absentee if needed at the earliest possible time.

  • Anonymous

    @all:disqus : IMHO these elections indicated clear ceiling in current popularity of liberty. It is not terribly low but it does seem to severely limit chances for real changes in laws, policies, offices or law practices. Hence the question, very general, of course: where should we go from here?

  • Ed Wright

    What is the difference between the Mieses institutute and the Cato institute?

  • Ed Wright

    I guess what I mean is how come the two libertarian organizations don’t work closer together?There seems to be some disagreements between them.I would like to know who are the real libertarians.

  • Matveimediaarts

    Cato is a tentacle of the Kochtopus (the Koch bros), and not seriously interested in libertarianism-though they occasionally produce some good work.  David Boaz, et al occasionally do some good work.  They’re more “conservative” than libertarian.  Mises is a very serious libertarian org and produces voluminous libertarian literature and media, past and present.  Mises.org publishes almost all of their work for free in digital format-and the texts can be ordered in hard copy.