Poll: 41% of Democrats Favor Letting President Kill Americans on American Soil

On his own say-so. Gee, you think they might have had a different opinion on this issue, say, five years ago?

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  • Jimi

    If it was a Republican they would put up a fuss.

  • Jimi

    If it were a Republican they would put up a fuss.

  • Tyler M

    Really? What is wrong with people? This kind of thing is depressing. My only hope is that as a statistician, these people used a biased sampling method.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonyleegregory Anthony Gregory

    Conservative Republicans are much more consistent; they think all presidents have a right to murder whomever they want.

  • Anonymous

    What is really frightening is that the overall poll results are 50% disapproval to 45% apporval.

  • Jimi

    Same thing with the Democratic presidents

  • obama fans love drones

    Sort of like Brad Delong, they were furious when Bush was doing stuff not even as bad, but are all ok with it now that Obama is doing it. What a bunch of frauds! The NPR, Huffington Post, MSNBC clowns have all been completely exposed.

  • Franklin

    But exposed as what? Political hacks who wave a flag for someone who campaigns with a D next to his name? Well, that’s their robotic behavior. But it’s definitively much worse than that.
    They’re exposed as the vile, evil, low life scum they have always been.
    Imagine being one of their kids, and one day you wake up to Dad and Mom’s despicable ignorance and psychopathic hypocrisy. Well, that’s expecting too much; their genetically malformed bloodline will find a way to excuse murder, as all citizen slaves have, throughout history.

  • Jake

    Great .

  • Dave in Ann Arbor

    This is precisely why I think left-wing types are pretty much hopeless.

  • Anonymous

    The prerequisite for collectivist ends is the endorsement of authoritarian means.

  • Barfolomew

    Notice in the comments that no one mentions the numbers for Republicans are about the same or higher when “the president” is taken out of the question. Also notice most of the commenters support killing terrorist suspects by drone, but just don’t trust Obama or the Democrats to do it. No hint of irony.

  • kirk

    no trial, no defense, no jury, just a lynching…the domestic enemies are revealing themselves…take note…remember who they are.

  • Pastor Ko-Rect

    I don’t understand the outrage. This Presidential ability is no different in any other third world country.

  • ugly american

    people are stupid and so is this debate , who cares what the method the federal precedent for murdering americans is the “CIVIL WAR” and the citizens of the “united” states can not face that debate so this is the result

    this debate needs to be recast as a public safty isue the FACT is that the drone “network” is totaly unsecure becaus it MUST use “telemetry” and is there for hackable (as demonstrated by the irainians taking control of one and landing it intact) “al qaeda” has already noticed this and the russians are selling a ‘black box” that can be used for this purpose and any one with a background in RF and computers could build there own for around 10 grand(based on a study done by the military following the irainians hack)………think on that for a moment . what if it had been an armed preditor drone rather than a stelth recon drone , and how long do you think it will be untill an armed drone gets hacked and used against a target like a us base?
    in this light does it seem “safe” to even use these toys at all ANYWHERE let allown over a large metro area in the us?

    put it to the public in this way and the “polls” will show a much diffrent attitude as the personal safty of individuals will then engage where as now “law and order” types feel they would never be affected by a drone strike , make drones in to a random threat and poof that delusion evaporates.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, Franklin, tell me how you REALLY feel!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Song for America: (cue Don Meredith) (hey kids – Google him)…
    “Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Mcclain/100000234412085 Jason Mcclain

    Democrats love assassinating presidents. All 4 were assassinated by democrats or in the case of Oswald “member of Socialist of America” a far left group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.maybeth.1 Robert Maybeth

    Then what’s taking them so long this time?