Phil Giraldi on Ron Paul and the Future

Phil Giraldi is a foreign-policy expert and Ron Paul supporter who has spoken at numerous Campaign for Liberty events and whose writings have appeared on its website. He writes:

It seemed reasonable to assume that the Republican gatekeepers would wait until after the convention or even the election to keep the Paulistas in harness and supportive, nurturing their faint hopes that their message would somehow have an impact, encouraging them to vote for Mitt Romney. But the Republican Party leadership decided instead to purge Paul supporters at both the state and local level and also on the convention floor. As Justin Raimondo has noted, a harrowing worthy of Josef Stalin took place in a number of states employing procedural ploys, stripping delegates of their accreditation, and even illegal closing of caucuses, which denied to Ron Paul’s supporters any ability to have significant impact at the convention….

Through it all, Ron Paul himself has emerged with his dignity and values intact. It is precisely because of his honesty and integrity that he succeeded in attaining near rock star status among his followers. The media is reporting that Ron Paul was offered a last minute opportunity to speak at the convention but refused when he was told he would be required to offer a full endorsement of Mitt Romney and have his speech reviewed by Romney’s staff….

Jesse Benton, married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter, ran the Paul campaign and ran it badly…. Benton explains to The Times how he has had to reject those who “dress in black, stand on a hill and say, ‘Smash the state.’” Benton, who reportedly has morphed into a multitasking paid political consultant and deal-maker with several businesses registered in his name including offices in Washington, D.C., generously paid himself $586,616 along the way while keeping the revolutionaries in check. He also confuses passion with craziness, possibly because he lacks the former. Most Paul supporters that I have encountered are completely rational and dedicated to turning our country around…. But I suppose Benton would argue that he is, as The Times adroitly puts it, “balancing pragmatism and principle.” Too bad pragmatism wins out every time for those who are ambitious….

And then there is the little matter of foreign policy…. Ron Paul bravely opposed foreign aid and foreign interventionism, both as endorsed and practiced by the two mainstream parties, raising challenging questions about the status quo in the Republican debates and also in his speeches…. But go over to the pathetic Campaign for Liberty website and you will detect nary a whiff of that, nothing on foreign affairs more recent than April, as if self-congratulatory blurbs on auditing the Fed will solve all the problems actually caused by America’s evolution into an imperialist police state. Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly Virginia from Sept. 13–15. Check out the list of speakers. Out of 32 speakers, only one, contributor Ivan Eland, can be regarded as having genuine expertise on foreign policy, but I’ll bet there will be some hot discussions on deregulating light bulbs and washing machines and lots of armchair revolutionary talk about how to get organized.

Which is all to say if you want to continue the Ron Paul revolution on foreign policy after November, his self-designated heirs and successors are a dead loss. So ignore those constant email solicitations for funds to continue to fight the good fight because the pleas are mostly designed to maintain the status and incomes of those who have already failed so miserably to deliver on Ron Paul’s promise. You might begin by emailing back and asking exactly how the money being raised is used. If you even suggest that America’s foreign policy mess is the driving force in America’s decline, they will ignore you.

Read the whole thing.

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  • plenarchist

    “But the Republican Party leadership decided instead to purge Paul supporters at both the state and local level and also on the convention floor.”

    The reason is that the RNC (and DNC) own the electoral process. What do they need Paulians for? All they need to do is maintain the thinnest veil of legitimacy (and that’s getting thinner all the time). Any American voter today is delusional to think their vote actually matters. It’s not who votes that has ever mattered but who counts the votes (or rather makes up the “official” numbers)… Even if 9 of 10 voters actually voted for Paul or Johnson or anyone who isn’t a sock puppet for the oligarchs, it wouldn’t change the outcome.

    So is it fair then to say that Ron Paul was exploited by those he trusted in his campaign? Was Benton a mole all along? Rand? When I look back at Paul’s campaign versus the Ron Paul I have grown to know through the dozens of videos I’ve watched of him and his writings I’ve read, I can’t reconcile the two. The campaign never seemed to capture the man. The only time I felt I was seeing the real Ron Paul was during the debates or his speeches when the man himself was doing the speaking… Wead seems like a good guy to me though.

    Maybe after this campaign season most Americans (who aren’t sleep walking) should now come to realize that this isn’t their country, that they have *no* power, and that the Constitution and rule of law has been disappeared… That as far as the people in power are concerned, we are a nation ripe for the plucking.

  • Anonymous

    I supported Ron Paul’s “swing for the fences” campaign to reform the GOP from within, but it’s pretty clear now that that ship has sailed. The GOP wants nothing to do with the Liberty movement, or even the TEA party for that matter. The Libertarian Party is an awful mess at the organizational level, but that’s probably the best place to start building.

    Not that I really hope to change the state much, but it’s important that our ideas be out there as things start to fall apart, and (unfortunately) participating in the political process is a significant way of accomplishing that.

  • MIke M

    Where did Benton get half a million? Surely my contributions to the campaign didn’t go to that?

  • Tom Woods

    He collects salaries from multiple affiliated organizations, including the campaign itself.

  • Kaj Grüssner

    Benton shows that nepotism really doesn’t work. Would he have ran the campaign had he not been married to Ron’s granddaughter? I admittadly know very little of Benton, but almost all I’ve seen and heard of him has been bad. I think it says a lot about Ron Paul that he stands out as unique and incredible even when compared to his own campaign. A great man, and I can’t wait to see him in action when he has put the political circus behind him.

  • BrunoT

    Ron Paul isn’t “Republican” in the modern sense of the term. So is it surprising they don’t want him or his supporters around to expose their message as bogus?
    Paul supporters need to take responsibility too. You can’t use the value of the Republican “brand” (which you disagree with on many issues) to garner more votes than you would otherwise, then complain they’re not playing fair when they try to silence you after they won. What did you expect? The distinctions in philosophy are so great he would have been more politically “pure” to have run as a libertarian or some other 3rd party.
    It’s like saying you’re not a gangster but while in jail you join the skinheads for protection. Don’t be surprised if they beat you when you proclaim your belief in equality for all.
    Political parties are by their nature corrupt and sinister.
    I voted for Paul. Gingrich won my state.

  • BrunoT

    How does it reflect on Ron Paul’s executive abilities and judgement that an in-law was running the campaign and paying himself a handsome salary? At some point doesn’t he have to call those shots? It’s annoying to think my check went into that guy’s pocket.

  • Remnant08

    This is a mean spirited article. Giraldi attacks C4L for doing what Ron Paul is most proud of: getting Audit the Fed passed in the House. He belittles them for this: “as if self-congratulatory blurbs on auditing the Fed will solve all the problems actually caused by America’s evolution into an imperialist police state.” Ron Paul himself said the Fed is the enabler of our imperialist policies by continually funding them. Without the Fed money machine we would not be able to conduct our mischief. They are responsible for our horrible economic condition, and that has nothing to do with a police state?? Giraldi also attacks C4L for their upcoming Liberty Political Action Conference, saying they will probably just talk about light bulbs and washing machines (what???) and derisively says “look at their list of speakers” – that’s an awesome list!! I wish I could be there! I’m surprised this article was even published here!