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  • James Ruhland

    Great interview, it made me decide to download his book. Also I was impressed he mentioned Marcuse in connection with our marxoid academics; too many people overlook that and make a simple direct connection with orthodox Marxism, when it is the Cultural Marxists which have had the most success in spreading their doctrines in America.
    Also: nobody should “rickroll” anyone unless they know what a “duckroll” is. ijs.

  • Disgruntled In Louisiana

    I was looking forward with much anticipation to listening to the rebroadcast of Monday’s show, since I wasn’t able to catch the live broadcast. I enjoy hearing Tom Dilorenzo because hes a very wry observer of the national political scene.

    Well, apparently Peter Schiff’s producer dropped the ball and fudged the recording of the show today. First off, the recording posted initially was yesterday’s broadcast. Then, when a different, ostensibly CORRECT, version was posted, I downloaded it as well and lo and behold, only 51 minutes of the show is there, as opposed to the usual 1 hour and 20 minutes or so that remains after commercial breaks are removed. I know its not your fault Mr.Woods. Can you please ask the producer tomorrow to upload a fixed version of the audio onto the website? I’d really like to hear the entire show and not just the truncated version.

  • Ellen

    You’ve done better than me, Disgruntled. I can’t even get onto the site at the moment. Just comes up ‘server not found’. Really enjoy it when Tom is on … alas, no go.

  • Disgruntled in Louisiana

    Well it looks like that interview will go down the memory hole.A different host is on the program today. Thats the way life goes I guess. Don’t look forward to things because its highly likely you’ll be disappointed

  • romano

    It seems to me that “nirvana fallacy” critisized in Introduction of this book applies for libertarian thinking as well. Also libertarians construct perfect reality called “stateless society”, compare it with the world today and conclude we would be better off without state. Isn’t it the same attitude?

  • E Mazur

    Cheer up there Negative Nancy: (click the grey button where it says download): The Woods segment begins 10 min in and the full show is 80 min

  • Jack

    Great interview with Dilorenzo. Dl’d the pdf and plan on making short work of it.

  • Not Disgruntled In Louisiana

    I am at fault here for not taking the time to skip ahead in the show. I had concluded that because of the other host being featured at the beginning of the file that the recording had been flubbed. Thanks very much for posting this full version. I’m listening now.