No, World War II Did Not Help the Economy

Here’s something to use when someone tries to make this claim against you. And here’s the resource page the video mentions.

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  • timbercruiser

    But St. FDR (pause to genuflect) got us out of the depression and led us to victory.

  • Jeremy

    *Adds incense and Gregorian chanting*

    Hey, we all know FDR is nothing short of a god right? Man, hard to believe people still spout FDR’s silliness. Not to mention his criminal act of intentionally goading the Japanese into war.

  • Frank M

    On a related note, it seems that thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my relatives at the NJ shore and their neighbors are going to learn all about the broken window fallacy.

  • devo

    this reminds me of that south park underwear gnome episode, their model is

    1: steal underwear

    2: ???????????????

    3: profit

    just like every ones views on reality, step 1: great depression, step 2:war??? step 3: prosperity. LOL

  • Anonymous

    On the subject, it’ll be interesting to see how Bill Murray portrays FDR and whether he perpetuates the myth of war prosperity and the success of the New Deal.

  • weak stream

    Yeah, this is all part of broken window idiocy. Last night listening to Diane Swonk spewing bs about the beneficial economic effects of Sandy was incredible. The only advantage of the hurricane is that Wall St is closed for two days….so maybe the economy IS better off because of the storm.