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News Item: Kid Sends Honest Letter in Pursuit of Internship

22nd January 2013      by: Tom Woods     

Check out this letter by an undergraduate seeking an internship at an investment bank. He is honest about his credentials and abilities, and higher-ups are saying it’s one of the best letters they’ve seen. Of course, his strategy makes sense, too: be willing to work for nothing — or, more precisely, in exchange for experience, on-the-job learning, and the opportunity to prove oneself.

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  • Gary

    Last year I applied for a job I was greatly under-qualified for (on paper). By chance I got an interview, and on my resume I included a line about how I’d achieved three stars in every level of the first Angry Birds game (I spent a lot of time playing while unemployed), A snarky risk, I know, and the interview went well enough without it ever being mentioned. By the end I figured it had gone unnoticed,until, when leaving, one of the directors asked me why I put that line about Angry Birds on my resume, Completely dead-pan, I said it showed that I had focus, perseverance and problem-solving skills. He looked at me blankly for a couple seconds, smiled, and said that I needed to teach him how to get three stars cause his kids are way better than him at it. I’ve been at that job ever since.

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