New Deal or Raw Deal? The Real FDR Record

I talked to Burt Folsom, author of New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America on the Tom Woods Show not long ago. Have a listen.

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  • Jesse Jewell

    I want to say that after listening to your episode with Burt, I decided to pick up his book on Audible. Man, what a resource. The stuff he pulls out for that book is amazing. I had never really done intense scholarship on FDR outside of WWII, but he was crazy. And by ‘crazy’ I mean deluded, arrogant, illogical, and downright nuts.

    Also, I keep finding the themes repeated in his book – and in the Great Depression in general – appearing in news article after news article today. Notions of equality, “fair share”, minimum wage, and taxing the rich…and at almost the same intervals.

    Tom, I’ll be reading his blog now, but I wanted to thank you for introducing him to us.

  • Enema Of The State

    Tom, Are the Live Sessions on hiatus until you find a replacement for Spreecast or did you just run out of time this month? I do enjoy them, technical difficulties and all.

    Had you considered Richard Ebeling as a guest on the podcast?

  • Tom Woods

    We sent out an email about this last night to the Liberty Classroom list. We’re going to do two sessions in March.

  • Bob Johnson

    Can you bring Gerald Gunderson onto your show to discuss industrialization and US economic history?

    He’s a very underrated and obscure historian.