Music Post #8

In honor of Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, whom I am seeing in Chicago tomorrow night, here’s a portion of Thick as a Brick (1972), performed at Madison Square Garden in 1978. The whole album was one long song, yet it hit #1 on the Billboard charts. This would never happen today, unfortunately.

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  • plenarchist

    That’s a good one of course. Have fun in Chicago.

    Here’s one for you… Tull performing ‘Teacher’ 1970.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy, Tom!!!!
    Lookin’ forward to your review!

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the Vid!

    Thanks, Tom, now I remember why I loved those guys!!!

  • Jordan Bullock

    Very cool. I think Ian’s using a classical guitar strung with steel strings, which seems strange.

  • Joe Logan

    Excellent song!!

  • Patrick

    If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out Tull’s performance at the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus. The Stones refused to release that production because they felt like Tull and others outshone them (which they did).

  • James

    I am so jealous! I haven’t seen Ian Anderson play in 30yrs. Have a great time.

  • Citizen

    I saw Jetro Tull at Red Rocks back in 1972 and it was a life altering experience.
    There was only one night single show performance and there were an estimated 40,000 fans wanting in.
    The amphitheater was packed to overflowing and the Denver police were tear gasing the fans that were outside the theater. The gas swept across the fans inside the theater and we were choaking.
    Never the less, after a 45 minute delay, Ian Anderson came on and appologized for the mess and played a spectaculare show!
    Needless to say, I envy you Tom Woods for getting to meet the incredible Mr. Anderson.
    ENJOY…. (i hate you)

  • Anto

    The idea of Tom Woods rocking out at a JT concert fills me with glee :)

  • Richard Schwarz

    So how was the concert?

  • Tim

    Just remember that you were tear-gassed for your own safety, courtesy of the state.

  • Citizen

    Gee…. I handn’t thought of it THAT way?
    Thanks, now it makes it some much clearer to me.