More Post-Filibuster Analysis

The always interesting Anthony Gregory weighs in, for two minutes.

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  • Anonymous

    With all due respect to Bob Wenzel (and there’s a LOT of respect), I think his constant litmus testing of Rand Paul is incorrect. Now, if you subscribe to a “Hegelian dialect” view of discourse, yeah, it serves a purpose in holding his (Rand’s) feet to the fire.

    BUT… That being said, hey, as Anthony said, NOBODY has challenged the authority of the (cue the trumpets) COMMANDER IN CHIEF to violate any and all laws of human conduct in the furtherance of THE WAR ON TERROR!

    So, good for Rand. He’s not his Dad. Oh Snap! Well, who the hell is?? Funny thing is, when asked, Ron said “Well, he’s the best Senator there is”. Damned with faint praise, but nonetheless true.

    I’ll take what victories are offered.

    The Fabians chose a deliberate (pun not intended) policy of “gradualism” to establish a socialist system in the UK and the US over the course of the 20th Century.

    Anybody not realizing their epic success is legally dead.

    So let’s take a lesson from our enemies: A victory is a victory is a victory.

    BTW Doesn’t Anthony’s beard up his cool factor immeasurably?