Lucy Was Right: Insurance Should Be Five Cents

And it still would be, if we were on the gold standard, says Mark Thornton.

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  • Michael Fleischer
    I was 18 in 1986 so I never voted for this man….listen to him in 1975. “You just have to learn to say no” Too bad his presidency really never lived up to his words here.

  • Anonymous

    I totally wholeheartedly agree LOL

  • John Campbell

    Up here in Canada, the penny has been eliminated – not the taxes that require it of course, so the checkout totals are rounded to the nearest nickle. I am not sure who gains with the asymmetry of rounding – I suspect the government, but I don’t know.

    Lucy would weep – can the nickle be far behind?

  • John Campbell

    Tom, now we need a Snoopy and a Linus post.